“Bye-you Bayou”

Films: Frankenfish (2004)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average Wels Catfish.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Crocodiles and sharks are not in fact the worst thing you could encounter in a water-bound horror movie. Because now, a new breed of terror has emerged. Folks, say hello to a monstrous version of the dreaded snakehead trout.

History: Deep within the bayou of the deep south, a horrific mutation has taken place. An egomaniacal bounty hunter has paid good cash to get the waters polluted in the insane hopes of mutating a species, any species, into a worthy opponent. He got his wish, as the local snakehead population ballooned in size, and proceeded to make the bayou their own, killing anyone who went anywhere near the water.

Notable Kills: One snakehead gets the genius idea to fling a human into a large boat propeller. Cue ludicrous gibs.

Final Fate: After the snakeheads prove to be more than a match for the hunter, they are all taken out by a variety of means. The last one gets tricked into ramming into the rotating blades of a propeller, slicing it to pieces. However, it is later shown that there are hordes of baby mutant snakeheads in the water as well...

Powers/Abilities: Can stay out of the water for an extended period of time.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-At first, these titans of the river are the nastiest pieces of work you could find. They have the appetite and strength of sharks, are ugly as sin, and don't need to wait for you to enter the water to rip you apart. Sadly, the low-budget CGI hampers most of their potential.

Trivia: -The snakehead trout is a particularly invasive species that can venture out of the water for up to four days with enough wetness to find new hunting grounds. Due to their sheer ferocity and a lack of predators, they will overhunt wherever they migrate, and are incredibly destructive to whatever habitat they get into. That said, they aren't that big, only getting about as large as regular trout.

-This film, as well as the two other snakehead films of this decade, was mostly based off of the Crofton pond infestation in Maryland in 2002. The place was overrun by an unusually nasty breed of northern snakehead, and it took many deadly chemicals to poison the water and kill them all before they killed everything else. The whole incident triggered mass debate on the topic of invasive species.

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Also, welcome to a lack of hearing. LOOK BEHIND YOU!

This fish doesn't mess around, even in shoddy foreign posters.

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