“Saurus' lament”

Films: Komodo Vs. Cobra (2005)

Alias: Giant King Cobra, Giant Komodo Dragon

Type: Man-Made

Location: River/Jungle/Ocean

Height/Weight: That of trucks.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: We've seen our fair share of monstrous snakes and lizards going around killing everything in sight. But what if we were to stick them in the same area? On the same island? The answer is...they'd mostly keep to themselves until it's convenient for the plot.

History: Somewhere in the pacific is a deserted island that used to be a bastion for scientific discovery. A growth compound was developed to bolster crops, but the government saw potential for war machines, and fed it to several dangerous animals. The result was that most of the animals and people on the island perished, leaving scant survivors, one giant cobra, and one giant Komodo dragon (oh and leeches too). Now, some environmentalists who came to investigate the island are caught in a fight for survival, as the two reptiles menace them at every corner.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After most of the folks are killed, the two monsters are pitted against one another. It seems like an even fight, but then the military comes to bomb the island to oblivion, taking the beasts with it (Komodo wins by proxy of not getting blown up first). However, a person left behind shows signs of mutating too...

Powers/Abilities: Anyone infected with the beasts' venom stands a chance of mutating into reptilian abominations. As for the reptiles themselves, they have hides impervious to bullets.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3-We cannot deny the power and rather demonic-looking visages of these creatures, especially the Komodo. But the CGI is rather bad, to the point where the hyped up tussle at the end looks more like the natural equivalent of a slap-fight.

Trivia: -Despite being peddled as a sequel to director Jim Wynorski's previous film, "Curse of the Komodo", the two films have no relation aside from having similar subject matters. Wynorski still jumped at the opportunity to do this film.

-This film was done almost entirely in Hawaii.

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As advertised by Todd Howard.

The reptiles go to 'nam.

Worst garden snake problem ever.
Not gonna lie. Better title. There. We said it.

"What did you say about my mom?!"
This crossover actually happened? No, no. Nowhere near that awesome.

"Mind joining me...as my excrement?"

Yep. He's a regular Sea Snake.

They noticed a sequel coming on.
Quit ruining their play-fight, army!

A face only a mad scientist could love.

"Well...guess I win. Watch your back."