“Heil oblivion”

Films: Dead Snow (2009), Dead Snow 2-Red Vs. Dead (2014)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Tundra/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Before society for some reason found a reason to inexplicably ape them in some areas, everyone agreed in harmony that Nazis were the absolute worst. Seriously, there's nothing good about them. And that's before the whole undead curse thing happens...

History: Standartenfuhrer Herzog was one of the most vile leaders during the heyday of the Third Reich. One day, he and his army raided a small village in Norway, killing everyone in their path. But soon, they were driven out, and froze to death in the forest. But Herzog's greed would not let him die. He rose from the dead, and after using a bit of necromancy, brought back his army. Now he plans to reform the Nazi party, killing everyone in his path and converting some into zombies as well.

Notable Kills: Ripping a woman's skull out of her face, running some kids over with an old Panzer tank, beating a person to death on the can with a sink, stabbing someone on a picket fence, blowing some people with baby carriages to kingdom come with said tank.

Final Fate: Herzog's army is confronted by undead Soviets in the end, and although his forces gain the upper hand at first, it's all over when he gets his head blown off by his own tank. However, a Nazi doctor plans to reanimate it later.

Powers/Abilities: Can infect others with a bite and turn them into zombies. Also, amazing resilience.

Weakness: Anything conventional, but aim for the head for the most part.

Scariness Factor: 4-Although they aren't necessarily hard to kill, these zombies mean business. All deaths by them or on them are gory showers of depravity and violence. There is not a single line that Herzog will not cross. But hey, that's what we’d expect from a Nazi. Screw these guys and everything they stand for.

Trivia: -The all-black SS uniforms that Herzog and a lot of his troops wear are actually from before the war really took off. It was discontinued soon afterward.

-The zombies seem to mainly be based off the Draugr, the Norse equivalent of the undead. These beings would often be buried with a trinket or treasure that they would protect even from beyond the grave. Most of the time, Draugr were awful people in life.

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The snow is gonna turn red REALLY soon now.



The shadow of evil is about to fade...
He never got ahead. He only got halfway ahead!

All because of greed.


Back and gone again. Thank God.

A sequel to Braindead? Makes perfect sense.

An absolutely GREAT representation of the Nazi ideology.

Not your best play, eh?

Okay, fine. That was clever. Also, this is how desperate they're getting...

The lesser of two evils, everyone. Well, sorta.
Chaos reigns...a horrible ideology...a comedy that results in all in terror...

"Wait, they killed my clone?"

"Hey, comrade...should have worn some winter clothes."

"The first to say 'Tank you' gets sent to the rebuilt gas chambers!"