“There's a devil in all of us”

Films: Devilman (2004)

Alias: Akira Fudo (Devilman, Amon), Ryo Asuka (Satan), Jinmen, Sirene

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average humans to twice that.

Affiliation: Good (Devilman), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Allow us to introduce you to one of the most tragic fantasy-horror manga stories ever this side of Junji Ito's work. The golden child of acclaimed author Go Nagai. We're of course talking about Devilman...'s mediocre movie adaptation.

History: The story is pretty much as any person who read the manga remembers it. Demons are on the rise, some start possessing people, and caught in the middle of it is the meek Akira Fudo and his childhood friend Ryo Asuka. Akira gets possessed by Amon, one of the most powerful demons...only for Akira's will to triumph and turn him into the heroic demon known as Devilman! Unfortunately, Amon's disappearance and the demon uprising has him in its sights, and now Akira will be forced to bear witness to what could be the end of the world as we know it.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Alas, the ending is the same as it was in the manga, with Ryo revealing himself as Satan (with surprisingly little gravitas compared to other adaptations), the world ending, and both Akira and Ryo nearly killing each other. All they can do is rest on a rock and wait for the cycle to be born anew, no doubt punishment from God to make Satan endure loss forever...

Powers/Abilities: All demons are very resilient, and can shapeshift as well. Jinmen in particular can take souls and infuse their (living) faces onto his shell.

Weakness: Each-other.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-As befitting of a rather slapdash adaptation, the monsters here are at their least intimidating. While the twisted Jinmen and the all-powerful Satan will always be frightening, the CGI does everyone positively no favors, with just about everything looking like a video game cutscene.

Trivia: -Devilman has borne witness to a litany of adaptations and spin-offs, but sadly, most of them still end with the world ending. There are implications that the cycle could end one way in some of them, though. In fact, this website-maker will now go on record to say he did a fanfic crossing it over with Ed, Edd, n Eddy just after the Netflix adap...shutting up now.

-Aside from this, Go Nagai's other works include "Cutie Honey" and "Mazinger Z", the pioneer of the Super-Robot genre.

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Further reasoning that this universe's version of God is a huge dick.