“Fight like Hell”

Films: Hellboy (2004), Hellboy: The Golden Army (2008)

Alias: Hellboy (Anung un Rama), Abraham Sapien, Elizabeth Sherman, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Karl Ruprect Kroenen, the Ogru Jahad, the Behemoth, Sammael, Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala Silverlance, the Golden Army, the tooth fairies, Johann Krauss the Ectoplasmic Man, Mr. Wink, the Troll Market, the forest elemental, the Bethmoora blacksmith goblin, the Angel of Death

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Eldritch Location/Underground/Haunted Home

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of rats to that which is indescribable.

Affiliation: Good (Hellboy, Abe, Liz, Nuala, Johann, goblin), Neutral (tooth fairies, the trolls, Angel of Death), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Sometimes, the Ghostbusters aren't enough to keep the supernatural from upending everything mankind and the world has tried to preserve. But fear not, for there is an organization that isn't afraid to get down and dirty with some of the most powerful and evil entities out there. And at the very heart of this facility is the big red devil seeking a purpose in life that DOESN'T involve world annihilation. The one they call Hellboy...and his amazing friends too!

History: Every one of these characters tells a story. Some good, most bad. But all pale in comparison to the destiny of Hellboy, or as he was meant to be known as, Anung un Rama. You see, during the twilight years of WWII, the Mad Monk Rasputin attempted to gain power by unleashing unto the world the eldritch beings known as the Ogru Jahad. This would of course bring forth the end times, but he didn't care. Alas, the Allied Forces ruined it, the botched ritual got him killed, and the only thing to come out of the portal was baby Anung. He was SUPPOSED to be the vanguard of the apocalypse, but the kindness of a scientist and the people in general caused him to want to pursue the easy life, with a new title as Hellboy. Of course, years later he's a secret agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), the Men in Black of the supernatural, if we will. His adventures will have him confront a resurrected Rasputin and his forces, as well as the vengeance-driven Prince Nuada, who seeks to obtain the indestructible Golden Army as payback for mankind's hubris.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Kroenen is tossed into a spiked pit and left for dead by Hellboy, Samuel and all of his clones are incinerated by Liz's pyrokinetic explosion, Rasputin is stabbed by Hellboy's broken-off horn after he rejects releasing the Ogru Jahad, the Behemoth that comes out of Rasputin is blown up by explosives it accidentally swallows, many tooth fairies are blown up in the house they've raided, Mr. Wink gets grinded to nothing after getting his hand caught in a nixing machine, the elemental is shot to death before turning into a gigantic tree in the city, and Nuada is finally brought down when Nuala stabs herself, therefore putting the newly awakened Golden Army to rest again. As for everyone else, our heroes have recently retired from the BPRD to pursue personal lives, such as Hellboy having twins with Liz...

Powers/Abilities: Hellboy is said to have the power to unleash the Ogru Jahad if he wants to, Liz has pyrokinesis, Kroenen is practically invincible, the Ogru Jahad are virtually indestructible, Sammael can multiply should he need to live again, Krauss can exit his body as a spirit capable of possessing anything, Mr. Wink has a metal fist attached to a chain he can whip around, the Angel of Death is omnipotent, and the Golden Army is capable of pulling itself together should any of them be destroyed, making them unkillable.

Weakness: For most, heavy artillery. For some, anything conventional. But in special cases, they cannot be killed. Though a unique one is how Nuada and Nuava feel each other's pain. One goes down, so too does the other.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-If it weren't for the BPRD, this would be a legitimate death world. There are so many creatures here capable of utterly destroying you that it's not even funny, especially the savage Sammael and the more unkillable beasts out there. But thankfully, there are just as many good creatures out there willing to lend a hand, Hellboy and Abe in particular. That said, even the more benign beings are a little unsettling, particularly the Angel of Death.

Trivia: -All of this is based on the hit comic book series by Dark Horse Comics. Not much is changed, though everything about Nuada and his family are custom for the second film.

-Hellboy was played by Ron Perlman, a living embodiment of acting awesomeness both on and off the set. He signed on to the first film due to it featuring a "beast and beauty" romantic subplot, and has adored the role ever since. Though originally, Vin Diesel was going to be cast as a human who would occasionally turn into his demon form. NO ONE was on board with that, and Perlman was cast as a compromise.

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And grumble all the way.

You just sliced the tentacles of your lord, you masked freak.

Thank goodness this isn't promotional material for "Let's Go Ape".

And you thought the animated Anastasia movie went far with Rasputin.

Not the worst thing to show up in the subway.

Compared to some of the heroes in the Dark Horse Universe, yeah. Pretty much.

He's so adorable, you'll coo when you have all your teeth violently pulled out.


Heaven must be losing an angel.
Sorry, but MY EYES!

As you can see, he's not always up for conversation.

Somebody forgot his crack.

Voldo, this career change isn't good for you.

Set to be the album cover of a forgotten metal album.

So cool that he holds super destructive guns with one hand.

Still cute? You guys are so accepting.

It was at this moment Wink knew...he f&#@ed up.

Bohrok by way of Michael Bay.
Aaaaand they just electrocuted themselves.

The Shape of Pre-Water.

Why they got this out of the remake, we have no idea.

"I just want to watch HBO in peace. Let me leave Earth alone!"

At least this isn't a Rob Liefeld tribute movie.

What the Cat in the Hat has nightmares about.

Mean Geen Mother Joke. Happy now?

"Great. You saved their lives. Now, give me back my legs."

And then screws itself over by realizing a bunch of monstrous gods don't care about them.

Remember. Blue flame hurts worst.

Turns out, modern tech is a bitch to the primordial.

Cthulhu Parotagin!

It'll be a cold day in Hell before he goes up against the Bayformers.

So, this was where the Nightbreed retreated to!

If there's one thing you don't do...well, take a guess.

In need of your sympathy.

Remember. This won't end well unlike a future Gillman work.