“Wiz kid Vs the World”

Films: Dragonquest (2009)

Alias: Fire dragon, swamp serpent, giant spider, light dragon

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest/Swamp/Cave/Mountains

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a small car to that of trucks.

Affiliation: Good (light dragon), Neutral (serpent, spider), Evil (fire dragon)

Summary: No, this is not that popular video game franchise with Akira Toriyama's guidance. This is another bargain-bin fantasy flick that could have easily been replicated in a DnD game, and with much more oomph to it too! But for the moment, try to enjoy. Try.

History: In Generic Fantasy World #3007, the evil sorcerer Kirill has summoned a great fire dragon to rain down upon the free world. A budding sorcerer has taken notice after his mentor got killed by the dragon, so now he seeks out a way to stop it. There are stories of a light dragon out there waiting for a powerful magic user to guide it and vanquish evil. So, our young hero gathers up some fellow heroes, and the Dragonquest begins.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After a long journey, the protagonist confronts Kirill on the mountains, with the light dragon going up against the fire dragon as the two sorcerers engage in a (tedious) beam war. The fire dragon is brought down just as Kirill loses the fight, and all is saved. Hooray!

Powers/Abilities: The dragons are unstoppable, though the fire one acts as a conduit between its and Kirill's mind, and can use hypnosis if it has to before the fire comes down.

Weakness: For the dragons, each other.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Oh, how we pity that poor fire dragon. It had such a baller design only for it to be wasted on awful CGI along with all the other creatures. Never trust the Asylum with monsters, especially not ones constantly surrounded by a specific element. Then you KNOW that corners will be cut.

Trivia: -We're at a loss here.

-Did anything ever become of the people behind this movie? It's an Asylum flick, for corn's sake!

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Cue the Highlander song!

Even the Japanese knew that the title was ripe for the comparison to the source material! Sorta.
He's basically an oversized lighter.

He's...got chin-fire?

Shelob's prettier but less successful sister.

When your LARPing session goes awry.