“The shark that fought everyone”

Films: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009), Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010), Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (2014), Mega Shark vs. Kolossus (2015)

Alias: Megalodon, the giant octopus, Crocosaurus, Mecha Shark (Nero), Kolossus

Type: Ancient (Megalodon, the giant octopus, Crocosaurus), Man-made (the rest)

Location: Ocean/Jungle/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a battleship (Megalodon) to that of a large building (Kolossus).

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The Asylum has a lot of pretty bad films under its belt. But before it made a true name for itself with a certain shark-related natural disaster, it gave us a series of unfortunate events revolving around several large sharks all going head-to-head with a rather interesting rogues gallery. Had Legendary not stepped up its game, these beings would probably hold a more obvious spot in the pantheon of American kaiju.

History: Every time an incident like this occurs, a Megalodon is released from its ancient confines. The first time, it was a Meg and a giant octopus released from a glacier by some berserk whales. Then when it survived that, a giant crocodile got awakened from a diamond mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After that, a new Meg got released from an iceberg, forcing the government to deploy a shark-shaped prototype submarine known as Mecha Shark, piloted by a morally conflicted AI known as Nero. And after that went down, another Megalodon got awakened by red mercury miners, which coincided with the awakening of Kolossus, an ancient Russian techno-organic superweapon from the Cold War. Needless to say, we're surprised that this planet isn't a crater at this point.

Notable Kills: For the Megalodons' combined efforts, nothing will top the infamous "holy sh*t!" plane takedown. They've also bitten out a portion of the Golden Gate Bridge, caused a tidal wave that obliterates everything near the Panama Canal, smashed a tugboat into the Sphinx of Giza, and tail-slapped a torpedo into a ship.

Final Fate: All battles end in a mutual kill most of the time. The first Megalodon kills the octopus by biting enough of its tentacles off to bleed to death, but both it, the Crocosaurus, and the croc's offspring perish in a volcanic eruption. The Mecha-Shark blows up alongside the new Megalodon, which the one after it is taken out after Kolossus detonates its remaining supply of red mercury. However, in the end, a new Megalodon surfaces. Who knows what it'll fight next...

Powers/Abilities: All monsters are amazingly resilient. Crocosaurus is an explosive breeder, the Mecha Shark has torpedoes and can become amphibious. Kolossus can fire laser beams and detonate several nuclear blasts at once due to its inherent red mercury.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The effects are bad as ever, but you cannot deny the destructive power of these beasts. The ancient predators are all burly and near-indestructible titans that don't need to be in the water to cause some major havok. Meanwhile, you have man-made mechs that can cause even more damage in the wrong hands, especially the zombie-looking Kolossus.

Trivia: -"Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" was actually the first Asylum film to see a (admittingly brief) theatrical release.

-Crocosaurus was originally Gigantosaurus, a tyrannosaurid kaiju. But his concept didn't make it past a rarely-seen poster, and was soundly scrapped.

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The biggest letdown the Asylum ever made!

Frozen right when they were solving their issues!

And this film loses its credibility!


In that case, bring out Little V!

"Just another Tuesday."

When Iron Monger and the Collosal Titan had a kid.
They're like kids. Easily distracted.


Remember when he was supposed to go up against Giganotosaurus? Yeah...

All that's missing is the bacon to go with the eggs.

World War Shark.

So, Dinosaur Tank WASN'T the end of it!

Still better than what Attack on Titan became.
"Nope. Taking this idiot with me."


It's not like he's going to let the octopus get to this first AGAIN.

There goes the camera.

Paradox! PARADOX!

Jaws, as directed by...I dunno...

Has he been working out?

Cue Reluctant Heroes.

"Golden Gate Body Slam!"

Even Sam Jackson didn't have a quip.

Quick! Hug him to death!

Truly, they're only good at fighting into a clusterf#$&.

"Ew! A non-greens screen!"

Garbage Bing and Bang. Get it?

The Meme Police finally aprehend this creature.

Didn't anybody watch Shark Attack 3?!

Time for his Jet Sandwhich!

"So long, gay Megalodon!"