“The Burning Apocalypse”

Films: Reign of Fire (2002)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Underground/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to commercial airplanes.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Dragons are awesome. Don't even try to convince us otherwise. In fact, they're so awesome that they could totally take this world from us if they wanted to. And with the help of films like this, we know exactly how they'd do it.

History: Millions of years ago, it was not a meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs. It was the work of dragons, who went dormant in beds of gold for the rest of time...until in 2008 when we dug too deep, awakening the alpha male. From there, dragons began to appear all over the world, torching everything in sight. Eventually, we decided to end the problem quickly with nukes. We killed most of them, but ended the planet as a result. Now humanity exists in pockets, desperately fighting against a force that multiplies faster than it can be killed.

Notable Kills: The moment Matthew McConaughey launched himself against that dragon, we knew he was instantly screwed.

Final Fate: After the alpha's tracked down to its lair in London, it is finally brought down with a flaming crossbow dart, which explodes in its mouth, blowing it up. Without a male, the rest of the dragon species is doomed to extinction.

Powers/Abilities: Dragons breathe fire by producing napalm in their throats. They are also rather resilient.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, getting blasted in the mouth while the chemicals are at work.

Scariness Factor: 4-Much like the rest of the world around them, there is a sense of age and tear in these dragons, and it serves to make them look even more Hellish than they already are. And any species that can outlive a world ravaged by nukes is worthy of terrifying acclaim. Also, dragons. You cannot f*ck with them on a regular basis.

Trivia: -This film received a video game adaptation that, much like the movie, was rather poorly received by critics, but more accepted by general audiences. It also introduced juvenile dragons, which bore a closer resemblance to dinosaurs.

-The dragons' method of fire-breathing, mixing two internal chemicals to create an explosion of natural napalm, is identical to the defense mechanism of the bombardier beetle, which also mixes chemicals, albeit in its abdomen and to deter predators.

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They weren't kind to the dinosaurs. What makes this any different?

She doesn't fear the atom bomb. She's natural napalm!

"It's high noon, kid."

I thought they got rid of the dinosaurs?

The abusive household times a million.
A battle of the beards.