“It's more crowded than ever...”

Films: Bugs (2003)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of large dogs.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: If there's one good place for insects to reside, it's the darkest, least hospitable recesses or our civilization. In this case, the subway would do just fine. Sure, lots of people go their daily, but for some particularly large bugs from the land that time forgot, it's perfect...

History: After hibernating for eons, these scorpion-like insects have come back with a vengeance. Their old home has been transformed into a subway that attracts people all around. In other words, it's the perfect hunting/breeding ground. It'll take more than just an exterminator to get rid of these monsters.

Notable Kills: One bug or two. A whole train full of passengers. It ends as well as you might guess.

Final Fate: Eventually, the only way to be sure is taken into account. Namely, blowing up the subway and taking whatever bugs survived previous excursions out, including their flying matriarch.

Powers/Abilities: These bugs have a life cycle that ends with them becoming flying queens capable of self-fertilization.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-Some crap CGI makes these armored terrors look like pushovers. Not helping is how in spite of being covered in dense exoskeleton, gunfire works just fine against them. Then again, at least they have numbers on their side. Big numbers, we might add.

Trivia: -This film was directed by Joseph Conti, who seems to have more of a knack for special effects, if his resume is to be considered.

-On the subject of prehistoric arthropods, it was the arachnids who were the largest around when the oxygen levels were right. As for insects, they rarely fared better, with meganuera being one of the few notable examples.

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Because the budget for the lighting here is awful.
We always knew Japanese hornets were pure evil...
Yet another reason to avoid the subway.

She's going to Nordstroms and nobody's stopping her!
The scorpion-ant-wasp hybrids go marching, hurrah...hurrah...