Films: Earth vs. The Spider (2001)

Alias: Quentin Kemmer

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Don't we all want to be superheroes? If the answer is no, then you are either afraid of shouldering the major responsibility on yourself, or you just don't care. Whichever is worse is up to the rest of you. But one thing is for certain. When they say the good word of power and responsibility, THEY MEAN IT. In more ways than one, of course.

History: Quentin Kemmer is an absolute loser who outta count his lucky stars for being a security guard to a major science facility and having a few friends. In his down time, he dreams of being just like the comic book heroes he idolizes, particularly the Arachnid Avenger. After a robbery ends with him fired for letting his partner die, he injects himself with a serum made from tarantula DNA. It results in him gaining super strength! Also web-shooting from his nipples. Also an insatiable hunger for pre-digested food. Also a slow, mentally degrading, savagery-inducing transformation into a full-on man-spider! No one is safe from Quentin's increasing thirst for melted human flesh. And the sad part is that he knows it.

Notable Kills: He eats the same way a regular spider does. Namely, by liquifying people's insides and slurping them up.

Final Fate: After his transformation is complete, Quentin almost kills his love interest after begging a detective to kill him, but the latter manages to shoot him just in time. But it's not a total downer, as Quentin has been immortalized by his friend as a new comic book superhero. Quentin Arachnid!

Powers/Abilities: Quentin is undergoing a gradual metamorphosis into a spider, gaining abilities such as wall-crawling, web-shooting, and great strength as he goes along.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-What's that? Scared of spiders? Well, how about spider men?! This isn't Peter Parker, far from it in fact. Quentin's slow transformation and final form is something straight out of an alternate timeline in which David Cronenberg had an arachnid jump into Seth Brundle's teleporter instead of a fly. And that's a compliment on this thing's part!

Trivia: -As one can instantly guess, Quentin's plight is a twisted take on the origin of Spiderman. But even that guy has had his problem with man/spider hybrids. There was that one time he grew six arms (and fought the mutant vampire Morbius for the first time), but then there was "Changes", a story arc in which he got infected by a villainess known as the Queen, slowly turned into a freakish (pregnant) giant spider, dies, and then emerges from his dead spider-carcass as a regular human. All of this just so he could have organic web-slinging abilities and be able to talk to arthropods (for a time)......comics are a little f*cked up at times.

-Like all the other monsters in the "Creature Features" line of movies, Quentin received an action figure of himself in real life. It's even the figure displayed at the end of the film. Talk about stealth advertising!

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Cinema made him a dead man.
Look. No more lazy eye!

You might want to get that hair checked.

"I just liquified my toast!"