“Put down the camera already”

Films: [REC] (2007), [REC] 2 (2009), [REC] 3: Genesis (2011), [REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

Alias: Various, notably Tristana Medeiros

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: This is not an ordinary zombie outbreak. It is being perpetrated by an evil that's been around since the dawn of time. It turns anyone from normal folks into bloody, raging parodies of mankind. And apparently, the people cannot wait to get it on tape.

History: Long ago, some religious folk were trying to find a way to prevent demonic possession, and found the enzyme that allows it in a person in the process. Unfortunately, all they did was mutate it and cause it to spread across people. A mysterious demon took advantage of this, and set out infecting everyone it could, turning them into horrific zombies out to infect and feed.

Notable Kills: Anything they kill someone, it's a bloody mess.

Final Fate: Almost all of the zombies are killed in one way or another. For all of their numbers and terror, they don't go down so hard. However, the last time we saw the demon, it had infected a fish after the boat it was on exploded.

Powers/Abilities: The demon can infect many people at once, and they can bite to spread the infection.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-These possessed folks are not screwing around. Rabid, malformed, and always caked in blood, they are guaranteed to make you lose you life, but not before you lose your lunch. Seriously, arms shouldn't grow like that!

Trivia: -At one point, none of the actors knew that one of the little girls was going to be infected, so they just thought she was sick in real life.

-For some reason, the first film as remade in the US in 2009 as "Quarantine". Both it and its sequel can be summed up as "[REC] but duller".

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Hell awaits beind the camera.

"Need...skin cream..."

The demonic rage continues.

Worst wedding...ever?

Yeah, it's at this stage horror film women usually turn the tables.
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Kids are sometimes, just, the worst.

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Honey Boo Boo's mom?

Hopefully, God answers this time. Or maybe we can get through this?

The mantra of the guy behind Rollergator.

"We are the many sequels! WE CONTROL ALL!"
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All you really can do before your skin is ripped off.


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