“Nein of you will survive”

Films: SS Doomtrooper (2006)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: Three times that of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Nothing is more fun than taking one of the most idiotically evil armies in the world, putting them into fiction, and turning them into even bigger dummies than before. And as we all know, the Nazis were obsessed with genetics. Genetics that they were not very good with...

History: The plan was to make an army of super soldiers. But for the Third Reich, their first test subject worked a bit too well. The Doomtrooper project resulted in a hulking monster that attacked everything it saw. Some believe it will help in the war effort, while others see it for the unstoppable killing machine it is. How can we undo just one of the Nazi party's many MANY mistakes?

Notable Kills: Not even a shut door will protect you from electrical conduction.

Final Fate: After getting its left arm sliced off, the Doomtrooper gets two cables to the head, frying his brain and killing him in a rather spectacular way.

Powers/Abilities: Near-invulnerability, a big wrist-mounted gun, and electric touches.

Weakness: Too much electricity will overload him. Also, heavy artillery will stun him.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-A killer muscle Nazi should be a nightmare, but thanks to Syfy's always awful CGI, it's like someone tried to make a Hulk movie with a bad agenda and even less budget. Credit where it's due, it was made by history's biggest sore losers, and has some intimidating powers.

Trivia: Nazis suck.

They really suck.

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Thankfully, no zombie Nazis this time.
Where's Captain America when you need him!?
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