“Vengeance cannot die”

Films: The Grudge (2004), The Grudge 2 (2006), The Grudge 3 (2019)

Alias: Kayoko, Toshio, Takeo, Naoko Kawamata

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Literally two years earlier, we saw the rise of a terrifying eastern ghost story destined to live in infamy. Now, America gets its grimey hands all over i-wait, the original franchise's director did these films? Oh...how about that. No wonder they're so equally terrifying, if not worse.

History: The story is largely how you remember it. Kayoko Saeki and her son Toshio were horribly murdered by her husband Takeo, who was blind with jealous rage upon hearing of her affair with a teacher. And alas, all three became ghosts at one point, and haunt anyone who's unfortunate enough to go into the place they once called home. And if you go there or even interact with anyone who did, you. Will. DIE.

Notable Kills: Any time the lower jaw of another gets removed. Oh yes. It happens more than once. And it gets worse every time. Also, a very young cursed one gets every single bone shattered in his body. Ouch!

Final Fate: The curse cannot be beaten or undone. If anything, it will only get stronger. Kayoto's hatred is eternal, and as more and more people are cursed with old and new grudges, it will spread across the world. Unless the cursed all die at once, but who would do that?!

Powers/Abilities: The ghosts can interact with anyone who's set foot in their old home or interacted with another cursed one. With that, their powers are limitless.

Weakness: None.

Scariness Factor: 5-The Saeki family, no matter what version of the franchise they're in, will always be some of the scariest ghosts of all. Unstoppable, eternally angry, and eager to make you suffer the worst death ever, you'd be stupid to even want to set foot near anyone who went into that house, let alone go there in the first place!

Trivia: -Despite his constant involvement, director Takashi Shimizu was constantly bombarded with requests for things like Kayoto having a more complicated backstory and her having a twin sister, which gave way to Naoko.

-A similar phenomena involving an American version of a Japanese horror franchise was with the "Ringu" franchise, which is known as "The Ring" here. Our versions of those films were...interesting, to say the least. Try not to give them much thought.

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