“A most toxic influence”

Films: Satan's Little Helper (2004)

Alias: Billy Flarin (maybe)

Type: Natural (again, maybe)

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: You almost never see a serial killer around kids. This is probably because for one thing, the sight of a child being murdered isn't exactly something most can stomach. That, or impressionable children stand a good chance of being twisted into the same monsters they come to like after some exposure.

History: Dougie Whooly isn't exactly having the best Halloween. His sister came back with a boyfriend he doesn't like, and his dad is a bit of an a-hole. His one joy currently is playing a (rather cheap-looking) game called "Satan's Little Helper", which gives him a bit of admiration for the devil. But then he meets a mysterious silent masked man, whom he comes to believe is Satan himself. The man seems to like Dougie's wishes to get rid of the people he doesn't like, and in the process, tricks the poor boy in engaging in all kinds of crime and even murder. All under the guise that it's just a game.

Notable Kills: Kills a cat and writes "BOO" on a wall, and carves a crude picture of a smiley face on a dead girl.

Final Fate: Satan manages to single-handingly kill the entire police force on the island he lives on, releases all the criminals, and has Dougie's family accidentally kill each other, with only Dougie and his mom remaining. And even then, their time doesn't seem to be built to last...

Powers/Abilities: Incredibly resiliant.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Don't let this man's affable and funny personality fool you. He’s a stone-cold killing machine that gets into your head and plays with it until everyone around you is dead. It doesn't help that his mask is something that likes to lurk in your darkest nightmares whether you like it or not.

Trivia: -Satan was played by Joshua Annex, who really only has this to his acting resume, aside from some roles as an extra.

-This film was written by Jeff Lieberman after a 17-year gap between this film and his cult hit "Remote Control".

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The Joker goes all Hallows Eve on us.

Because you can totally trust a face like that.

"You can't get this where I come frome...wherever that is."
Even if he's fine enough when causing chaos and misery.

"This was the next best thing in evil! Shopping at Whole Foods to fuel Amazon's agenda!"

Spiking the punch, but in a more-or-less morally reprehensible way.

"Kid...when you're older."
That's it! Barring the doors!

Remember. This is technically rape. Animals...