“Hormones bite”

Films: Ginger Snaps (2000), Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004), Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)

Alias: Wendigos, the Loup-Garou, Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald (both past and present), Jason McCardy (possibly)

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: As the previous decade and this one would lead you to believe, there is no greater venue for shapeshifting madness than the metaphorical world of angsty teenagers trying to grow up. Transitions for these kids are scary, especially when werewolves are involved.

History: For generations, the Fitzgerald family has been cursed. It seems that every daughter is doomed to become a werewolf due to some horrible incident involving getting bitten. Emo teens Brigitte and Ginger are on the receiving end of all of this, with Ginger being the most affected. For as a werewolf, she goes from an already bratty shut-in to the worst b*tch on campus, and there's nothing Brigitte can do to stop it.

Notable Kills: Keeps Brigitte's boyfriend alive for just long enough to try and tempt Brigitte, but kills him when it backfires.

Final Fate: Ginger's hopes for being cured are dashed by accident, and Brigitte accidentally stabs her in self-defense. And because she infected herself to prove her loyalty, Brigitte ends up used by another to help kill another werewolf before being locked up in a basement to kill that other's enemies. Though whether she'll remain there for long or not is up in the air.

Powers/Abilities: One can be infected either by bite or ingesting one's blood.

Weakness: Anything conventional, and anything with monkshood in it can slow down the transformation process.

Scariness Factor: 4-It's bad enough that a werewolf could be anywhere in this world, but the werewolves themselves are terrifying to behold! With perpetual snarls, often emancipated frames, and painful transformations, these beasts are what happens when savagery goes unchecked.

Trivia: -Due to some VERY poor communication of the plot of this film on Telefilm Canada's part, the Canadian media attributed this "teen slasher flick" to the recent Columbine shooting as well as a similar incident in Alberta. Not the best look.

-Funnily enough, Brigitte and Ginger's actresses, Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle, would go on to play as sisters again in 2008's "Another Cinderella Story". To say that it was a bit of a step down would be an understatement.

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Just look at the usual transformation!

So, why the symbol?

How it all started hurts the most.

Happens in every animal's life!

Werewolf puberty just sucks.

Because there was one, apparently.

Still better than what happened to the witches.
Hide and seek, but with siblings and sheer terror.

She's got a bad case of the evil eye.


No amount of cream can fix that!

Straight into the jaws of slaughter...
How sweet, until it's NOT.

Hello? That song had other lyrics, you know.

Baby, that doesn't take away the fact that...well...

I dunno. The series died peacefully.

It's official. See other werewolves.

So much guts that you get to see a family ripped apart emotionally!

Moral: Stay away from abandoned playgrounds.

You cheat on her once and there won't be a second time.

Remember that one episode of Courage: The Cowardly Dog? THIS IS IT.