“The town where every sin knows your name”

Films: Silent Hill (2006), Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

Alias: Pyramid Head, Alessa Gillespie (Dark Alessa, Sharon da Silva), Christabella, the nurses, the armless man, the Grey Children, Janitor Colin, the Creeper bugs, Leonard Wolf, Claudia Wolf (the Missionary), the Mannequin

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of rabbits to twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good (Alessa), Neutral (Pyramid Head), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Of all the settings in the world of survival-horror video games, none are as feared nor revered than the mysterious land of Silent Hill. A town said to reflect all of your sins, turn your inner demons into monsters, and test your morale to the end. These films...sort of ran with this. It's less "journey into a broken mind" and more "stop the scary apocalypse cult" stuff.

History: Long ago, poor young Alessa Gillespie was burned to death by a savage cult known as the Brethren (or the Order of Valtiel, these sequels aren't very consistent). To keep things simple, let's assume that the Brethren and the Order were all one cult, led by both the horrible high priestess Christabella and the Wolf family. Christabella hated Alessa because she was a bastard, and Claudia Wolf wanted her to be the vessel for their dark God so that they may use the Seal of Metatron to purge the world of vice and sin. Either way, Alessa burned, but the ensuing fire caused all of Silent Hill to be destroyed and cut off. Now, Dark Alessa, a manifestation of her rage, has turned the entire town into a Hell for the cult, with all kinds of monsters running rampant. But her good side, known now as Sharon, has come back with her family in pursuit. And it won't be the only time it happens either. For both Christabella and Claudia aren't going to let loose ends be unmet...

Notable Kills: Pyramid Head grabs one of the Brethren by the skin, and rips it all off violently (it's the image for this bio, in fact). Also, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: Christabella and all of her followers are killed off violently when the now complete Alessa uses barb wire powers to eviscerate them, with their leader getting bisected horribly. The next time, Claudia revealed herself as the monstrous Missionary, and squared off with the now protective Pyramid Head. The fight ended with the being decapitating her, ending the Order. Either way, Alessa wins a good ending in both stories, with the last one connecting interestingly to previous games. Now, it seems that Pyramid Head is the only resident, but for how long?

Powers/Abilities: The armless man can shoot acid, while almost all of the demons and monsters are virtually indestructible. Dark Alessa can manipulate dimensions to rip apart the fabric of reality in Silent Hill, as well as summon barb wire.

Weakness: Each other, removing the Seal of Metatron from them, whatever works.

Scariness Factor: 4-Silent Hill is a hotspot for some of the most grotesque humanoid abominations around in and out of the games. While some odd CGI might get in the way, folks like the dominatrix nightmare known as the Missionary and the positively ripped butcher known as Pyramid Head will remind you exactly why survival is minimal around these parts. The Mannequin deserves some mention too, being a multi-limbed monstrosity that turns victims into parts of itself. But all above all, cults don't pay off.

Trivia: -In his original game debut, "Silent Hill 2", Pyramid Head actually represents the internal guilt, sexual frustration, and the capacity for violence of main character James Sunderland. Also, there was more than one of him. He has since then become something of a mascot for the franchise as a whole.

-The Silent Hill franchise was infamously screwed over by Konami in 2015, when the newest addition to the franchise, "Silent Hills", was unceremoniously cancelled, its popular demo was removed from all storefronts, and the most we got out of the brand was a garish Pachinko machine. Keep in mind that the cancelled game would have had Hideo Kojima, Guilermo de Toro, and Junji Ito at the helm. F*ck Konami.

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Don't even bother turning back. You're already doomed.

In case you forgot this was Hell.

They really to let this greeter go.

Because OF COURSE.

"Hand me the scapel so we can tear each-other apart in a few minutes."
At least the monsters won't hear the screaming.

Remember, kids! Cults suck!

The pest control here, even with Pyramid Head's help, is lousy as heck.

I didn't know that the cast and crew went through a serious vow of silence.

Seriously. F this thing.

I'm surprised this Power Rangers villain got past the censors.
Now's not the time to slip and fall!

Every freak has!

1000 Ways to Skin a Sinner.

It's gonna be a long day for all of them.

She's a Demogorgon on her father's side.

She couldn't even quit while she's ahead.
The masks of Tragedy and More Tragedy.

No matter the entity, all cower before the geometry demon.

Let us reiterate. CULTS. DON'T. PAY OFF.

Expecting me in a place like this? I need an adult.

Check your underwear and tell us this was not needed.