“More Kong than anything that's been Kong before”

Films: King Kong (2005)

Alias: King Kong (Megaprimatus Kong), Ferrucutus cerastes (horned iron hide), Celocimex Brontosaurus, Venatosaurus saevidicus, Scorpio-pedes (Nepapede harpagabdominus), Piranhadon titanis, Brutornis, Foetodon (cruel stinking tooth), Vastasaurus Rex, Megapede dereponecis, Carnictis Sordicus (vile meat weasels), Weta-rex, Decarnocimex, Abyscidis occisor (Killer Crab of the Abyss), Arachnocidis (Arachno-Claws) Deplectors, Terapusmordax obscene

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle/Swamp/Cave/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of seabirds to a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: King Kong is one of the most famous movie monsters ever, but one must not forget the island he came from. Indeed, Kong may be the iconic one, but there's a reason he's so strong. Anything weaker wouldn't last a day on the beautiful nightmare that is Skull Island...

History: The story is as you remember it. A film crew heads to an unknown island off the coast of Sumatra known as Skull Island in order to make it big in Hollywood. But no one told them this island's sordid history and what it contains. You see, after it broke off from Asia, this island took with it a small civilization that went mad from all of the prehistoric monsters constantly trying to kill them. Now, they either kill intruders, leave them to die at the hands of a twisted menagerie of predators, or sacrifice them to Kong, a massive gorilla and the last of his kind. But when Ann Darrow gets offered, Kong finds purpose, while the rest find death trying to rescue her.

Notable Kills: The infamous jaw-breaker is utilized...after a fight between Kong and THREE Vastatosauruses, this time.

Final Fate: Eventually, Kong is taken to New York and put on exhibition, but you know what happens next. He escapes, spends time with Ann, only to get gunned down off the Empire State Building. As for the island, it apparently sunk due to an earthquake. Bummer.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-When the hyper-aggressive big ape is the least of your troubles, you know you're on an island that can be best described as a primordial Hell. It is as if nature dumped the edgiest, most savage, and most ravenous of its creations onto this one great island. Giant dinosaurs, powerful water monsters, HORDES OF GIANT ARTHROPODS, this place is will utterly destroy anyone who dares set foot! It's only natural that the place wasn't built to last.

Trivia: -This film really only scratches the surface of what lives on the island. Pretty much all of its fauna can be found in the book, "The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island".

-Before this film was made, Peter Jackson had been trying to get a remake of the 1933 classic off the ground for some time. A notable example was his draft in 1998, which features Carnotarus-like dinosaurs instead of Venatosaurus and axolotl-looking things for the Pirahnhadon, the very creature that showed up only on the Director's Cut (along with a few others here).

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A broadway show about to be caked in blood.

An average Tuesday with more stakes this time.

"Now, do an impression of a Universal Studios PR person during the Dark Universe!"

They heard the cameraman has stills from some pornos he did.

Rexy's inbred cousins are about to get it.

"A spider got in my bridge! Where is it?! WHERE IS IT?!"

Sweet dreams!

This trip to Sea World has gone off the rails.

Count your blessings. At least, it isn't the Burger King.

A tale as old as the renewal of film itself.

'Twas beauty, bullets, and broken bones that killed the beast.
Dark 'n Edgy: You're doing it right.

Life could be a dream, we guess.

Meet the Generics!

Uncle Balzak, NO!

Days later, New Zealand boycotted the movie.

"Because this island wasn't horrifying enough already!"

Project Razorteeth isn't looking too bad now.

Just as filthy as real KFC.

He'd trade 1000 victories for her, as this shows.
He just noticed the paparazzi.

"Forget the large pieces of prey that could fill us all up! How about the slightly less plump two-legger?"

Honestly, not the worst centipede menace we covered here.

May your hatred be the deciding factor.

You know...maybe deleting this scene from the original film was a good call.


Remember. We don't always have to make every caption a joke.

Bat offshoot outta Hell.

"Well, time to fire upon the ape...and these many apartment rooms."
And, with that, his fear of heights kicks in.

"Why did we move here again?!"

Way to get rid of one of the few scavengers we have here, jerk.

Kong, that's not what he meant by wanting a jawbreaker!

Scroll down or up! We don't care! Anything but that!

Rogue, but directed by somebody who hated feelings of safety in the water even harder.

Can we sink the island now?!

"And now, Hamilton...as made by Tom Green!" Suddenly, the chains break...

It takes one slip, guy.