“Sabre goodbyes”

Films: Sabretooth (2002)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: Slightly larger than a lion.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Of all the Cenozoic animals, one predator is recognized above them all. The precurser to the lion. Smilodon. The fabled sabretooth. And now, it's back to make the mountain lions look like tabbies...no offense to tabbies. You really can never tame a cat.

History: Created in a secret lab, this Smilodon was tailor made as a monument to genetic tampering. But it escaped due to a driving accident and into the woods of the pacific northwest. For the people who helped make it and a hunter, it must be caught alive (or destroyed, there is conflict in this team). For the hikers who happen to be passing on by, this cat is not letting them leave anytime soon. Not while they're still fresh and wide open.

Notable Kills: Bursts its paws through a wooden door to snatch someone up like a bear, nabs a girl by the head after beating her to the top of a cliff, and rams its sabers into a man's eyes after mangling his face.

Final Fate: After killing the scientist who tried to keep it alive in the first place, the Smilodon is finished off when it pounces on a spear held by the hunter.

Powers/Abilities: This Smilodon's claws and sabers are strong enough to rip through steel like paper.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-What's this? Another Syfy monster that can overcome its bad CGI scenes? Of course. The practical effects are dished out a lot more regularly than usual, and it gives the Smilodon just the amount of savagery and terror that it deserves. It's like staring a lion in the face. Except it's larger, toothier, and seems to always maintain an expression of pure primal rage.

Trivia: -Smilodon Fatalis, a name that literally means "Deadly knife tooth", was one of the largest big cats to ever live. It existed during the Pleistocene epoch in the Americas, and was incredibly successful in its time. It is often debated as to whether it was a social animal or not, and people are still trying to figure out how it went extinct. Though people do theorize that the steadily decreasing amount of herbivorous megafauna might have been the cause.

-Although this Smilodon's sabre teeth are ridiculously strong, scientists believe that they were in fact quite fragile in real life. A widely accepted theory is that when bringing down prey, the cat would use its bulk to keep it pinned, and then use the long canines to sever the jugular. Though some believe it used those teeth to eat the other soft bits like the stomach. Honestly, it's a little morbid how much we like to argue over which painful killing method was the most legitimate.

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Many things. Like the Black Plague and the Foot Lettuce Meme.

The eyes of a true predator.

"Don't worry, guys! I've got this!" are some pretty interesting last words.

One hiking trip destined to end badly.

If the sabers don't get you, the breath and other teeth will.

When in doubt, no tech like low-tech!

Quick! Show it a mirror! Big cats always fall for that!

Well...not the worst way to go out.
The night is the best hunting time.

Kitty wants a hug!