“You just got drafted”

Films: Dog Soldiers (2002)

Alias: Various, notably Captain Ryan and Megan

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Haunted home

Height/Weight: Slightly larger than that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Werewolves will never stop being the scariest thing to hold any title representing the lupine. But hey! Maybe a pack of trained soldiers could fare better than the average citizen against these creatures! Well, yes and no...

History: Somewhere in the woods of Scotland, there is a congregation of werewolves at an abandoned house. They operate as a viciously efficient pack, looking for victims to either convert, eat, or store for later eating. They're not above killing elite trained soldiers either, as a group of trainees learned upon seeing their predecessors' mangled corpses. Upon further investigation, the hunt is on with our hapless soldiers trapped in the house the werewolves call home.

Notable Kills: One soldier is dragged away and is only killed after his head is ripped off. Before that, he's feasted upon painfully. There's also the great fight between one soldier and a werewolf that would have been in the former's favor had a second one not shown up.

Final Fate: All but one of the soldiers either succumb to the werewolf curse or die horribly. The Sarge at least goes out blowing up the whole house, taking most of the monsters with it. The last ones, the sleazy Captain Ryan and a double-agent named Megan, are shot in the head.

Powers/Abilities: A werewolf can make you one by biting you. They are also amazingly resilient.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Smart werewolves are no surprise, but they are always deadly. Especially these mangy, almost emancipated-looking beasts. Half the time, it's as if these people are indeed surrounded by what amounts to a lycanthropic version of the Manson Family.

Trivia: -A sequel, "Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat", has been in Development Hell since 2004. Similarly, a web series based off the film has seen no further development aside from a small teaser.

-This film's director, Neil Marshall, based a lot of the dark humor and other elements of the main characters on his father and grandfather's time as soldiers themselves.

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It ain't Evil Dead until a werewolf starts spouting demonic catchphrases.

TF2 Vs. Werewolves. TAKE OUR MONEY!

The war against stunded werewolves like this!

When rushing towards your foe predictably ends badly...

Red Vs. (?) Blue

It's made of silver? Dibs on the hazard!

They come silently in the night...howling all the way to Hell...

Attack of the Melted Pancake Werewolves!

An unofficial sequel to Primal Rage?

He's gonna be pissed when he learns they think the tattoo is silly.

In summary, this forest might as well burn.

Suffice to say, getting fixed is looking like the second-worst thing to happen to him.

Off to eat Bodie of Rock Dog fame.