“Three hopes, three screw-ups”

Films: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

Alias: Baragon (Baragora), Mothra (Mosura), King Ghidorah (Yamata no Orochi, Kingu Gidora)

Type: Mystical

Location: Underground/Lake/Forest/Civilized area/Ocean

Height/Weight: 30 meters and 10,000 metric tons (Baragon), 24 meters and 15,000 metric tons (Mothra), 50 meters and 25,000 metric tons (King Ghidorah)

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Oh crap! Godzilla is actually a manifestation of dead soldiers' rage! And he's going around intentionally destroying everything! We need everything! Military power, faith, and most of all, other kaiju! And we know just the ones to do it...we think.

History: Long ago, three guardian kaiju were slain by noble warriors, and above their resting places were built small idols containing the heroes' spirits. The kaiju in question were Baragon the God of the earth, Mothra the Goddess of the sea, and King Ghidorah, formerly the demon dragon Yamata no Orochi and the God of the air. However, when Godzilla came, a good ghost went out of his way to summon the monsters to Japan's aid. Thankfully for him, some rabble broke the first two idols while he managed to get to the last one later. Now the kaiju must stop Godzilla before it's too late.

Notable Kills: Upon being released, Mothra's larva form drowns some teens in her lake! Then again, they were going to drown a dog they didn't like, so screw them.

Final Fate: Baragon is blasted to smithereens by Godzilla's atomic breath. Mothra suffers the same fate, but not before having her essence fall onto a previously killed Ghidorah, who then becomes King Ghidorah. Unfortunately, the fight ultimately ends with Godzilla absorbing his gravity beams and firing a beam that obliterates him. However, the combined power of all three guardian kaiju's spirits manage to drag Godzilla down to the bottom of the sea and give the humans just the edge they need to defeat him.

Powers/Abilities: Baragon can tunnel through the earth with ease and is quite agile. Mothra can fire venomous stingers from her abdomen and shoot silk from her mouth. Ghidorah can summon an energy shield, reflect projectiles, and fire gravity beams. As spirits, they can all revive each other or combine to attack as one.

Weakness: Beings of greater/equal power.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-They are still giant kaiju, so you ought to be careful around their presence. Hell, Mothra showed some serious lack of f*cks to give when she drowned those cruel teens (still not over that). But for what it's worth, they are firmly good guys, and if it can be helped, they will defend Japan with all of their might. Also, Baragon is still adorable.

Trivia: -Originally, the guardian monsters were going to be Baragon, Anguirus, and Varan due to the director wanting more obscure kaiju to shine after so long. But Toho thought it would be more financially viable to use more iconic monsters instead. While Baragon survived, Varan's facial features were somewhat integrated into Ghidorah's.

-This version of Ghidorah would appear in person again...in the "Godzilla CR" Pachinko games. He was once again an evil alien, working alongside Millenium Gigan as well.

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Baragon doesn't want to reveal he started that fire.

Watch the camerea, WATCH THE CAMERA!
Who caused the explosion at the action figure factory?!

This isn't a good look for either of you.
The shadow of hate is all-consuming.

Cue Mothra cliche in three...two...

A legacy now honored!
Remember. He was left from the previous script.

Okay, just lay off already.

"Can we change the script to when he was a genocidal alien now?"