“VR Playthings”

Films: Subterano (2003)

Alias: Various, notably Todd, the Messenger, Sluggo, the Kamikazos, Webbo, Die, the Fatboy

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a rat to an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Imagine a game where...okay, we've seen killer games before. But now, the game isn't going berserk or anything. This is exactly how the game was MEANT to be played. To torment those unfortunate enough to be made any brat's prisoner.

History: Somewhere in the future, the hit VR game is Subterano, where people must navigate an endless parking lot (???) and its many robotic dangers. But this time, a sociopathic son of a millionaire, named Todd, is using it to hunt down and kill escaped resistance fighters for his amusement. He and his many minions are out for blood, and it will take everything to survive.

Notable Kills: After the Messenger summons some razor wire to cut off a guy's feet, Sluggo finishes the job by jamming its nose into his eye.

Final Fate: All of Subterano's forces are dealt with in one way or another. Todd's own avatar, the strongest of them all, is melted into hot slag by his own plasma gun. The prisoners escape, leaving Todd to have to accept defeat.

Powers/Abilities: All of Subterano's beings are made of flexible metal that can turn into swarm of orbs to avoid damage or take other shapes. This make's Todd's avatar much harder to kill, as if his plasma/flamethrower wasn't enough.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though fire seems to work the best.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Most of the beings here are meant to look like toys. Cheap, irritating, oftentimes silly-looking toys. They are deadly, sure, but with a Messenger that's constantly mouthing off and Todd's own deep-voiced quipping, it's a little hard to take seriously.

Trivia: -Despite being an Australian production, this film made it to the US much quicker than it did its own home country, with a near-11 month gap.

-The Messenger's grating voice was provided by Michael Andersen. This was literally his only film role.

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