“A shiny way to die”

Films: Laid to Rest (2009), Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

Alias: Jesse Cromeans

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: A horribly deranged serial killer may not always be comfy with coming in looking like a slob. Sometimes, you just want to look your best, even when torturing and mutilating your victims. Jesse here had the right idea when it came to all of that.

History: Jesse Cromeans' favorite pastime is kidnapping, torturing, and killing women while getting it all on videotape for everyone to watch. Those who fear him call him Chromeskull, and for years he's been shrouded in mystery. And worse, this guy had followers. Many of them in fact. Either way, he will stop at nothing to see his murders through, be it pain or near-death.

Notable Kills: Blows up a guy's head by shoving a pump into his ear.

Final Fate: At first, Chromeskull is tricked into putting on his mask while it was filled with deadly chemicals burning it horribly and leaving him wide open to get beaten to paste with a bat. But his followers saved him...only for one to try and play copycat. That guy was Preston, Chromeskull's right-hand man no less, who viewed his leader as getting complacent. Many kills on Preston's part later, and a recovered Chromeskull comes to slice his head off for his treachery. To this day, Chromeskull remains at large, and his pregnant wife just committed suicide upon realizing who he really was. Ow.

Powers/Abilities: Amazing resilience, and a penchant for using serrated knives. Preston would later upgrade these into knife-glaives.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Chromeskull looks cool, but is as dangerous as they come. He'll saw off your head violently, chase you to the ends of the Earth, put your demise on broadcast, and he’s got his own gang to back him up. Granted, his code seems to be getting on most of his followers' nerves, but that's their problem. This is a man who sees his kills as a hunt.

Trivia: -Chromeskull was played by Nick Principe, who has also starred in many, MANY other horror films.

-A third film, "Laid to Rest: Exhumed", is slated to be a prequel, and still to this day undergoing development.

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The symbol of pure depravity this year.

"So, I want attention. Blame the Dark Web next time."

No. It's dirty with pretty much everything.

"Found youuuuu."
Like a predator to his prey...

With that move, the creatures in the Mist nab him!

It's never gonna leave this man, for sure.

Psyche! That's a police cam! Good luck with the allegations!

Logan Paul would never stoop this low! That's how bad this is!

"Well, Ted hasn't always been this glam..."

"Come on! I'm great with kids! I just want to wear his skin as an activity!"
The devil has come to the internet!

You really thought we'd spare you how he kills?