“Half the person you used to be”

Films: Teke-Teke (2009), Teke-Teke 2 (2009)

Alias: Kashima Reiko

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Half that of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Once again, we return to the horrific world of vengeful yokai in Japanese cinema. At this point, going up against any eastern spirit is a fool's errand, no matter how silly they might sound on paper...

History: Long ago, poor nurse Kashima Reiko was raped by an American soldier, and committed suicide by tossing herself on the train tracks. She was split in half, but her spirit remained. She is now a Teke Teke, a being that stalks the overpass at nightfall, looking for victims to slice in half as well. And if you somehow evade her, you'll die anyway in three days.

Notable Kills: Seeing her slice people in half with what amounts to a karate chop is...interesting, to say the least.

Final Fate: The Teke Teke simply cannot be placated or killed. It will continue to haunt the outskirts of Japan until the end of time. And worse, there might be more Teke Teke out there, ready to pick up where she leaves off...

Powers/Abilities: Immortality, and razor-sharp claws that can slice through flesh and bone in a nanosecond. It also goes into a rage upon seeing red.

Weakness: Stands a chance of leaving you alone if you repair its shrine.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-This being may be only half a person, but an undead like this should not be trifled with. Agile and ridiculously strong, this ghost would stand nicely alongside all the Rings and Grudges...if it had legs.

Trivia: -In Japanese mythology, the Teke Teke is a subspecies of Onryo. It is yet another vengeful spirit, and like in the movie, is said to originate from women killed on railroad tracks. In fact, Kashima is one of the most popular versions of the urban legend.

-Ways to survive Kashima, according to the legend, include telling her where her legs are at (the Meishin Expressway, specifically) or reciting with the Japanese phrase for "mask death demon".

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