“The gates are open for schlock”

Films: Demons at the Door (2004)

Alias: Various, notably Satan/Lucifer

Type: Mystical

Location: Eldritch location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of small animals to three times that of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: The war between good and evil is as eternal as life itself. Only a few times has it flared up in a way that humanity just couldn't ignore it. But when it does...try to believe it'll be a bit more plausible than this.

History: At the dawn of civilization, Lucifer and his renegade angels were cast down to Tartarus, later known as Hell, where the fallen one was dubbed Satan and forced to rule there forever. But Satan and his forces bided their time, waiting for the day when they could rise again and destroy God's creations. The angel Uriel waited patiently for this day to warn humanity about it. Then one day, a temple known as the Wall of Tartarus was disturbed enough for demons to start breaking out. They are all after the Eye of Satan, an amulet that could give the Dark Lord all he needed to take over the world. Now, a few humans and Uriel are the only things standing in his way.

Notable Kills: One human head is reduced to an eyestalk sticking out of a neck stump.

Final Fate: Eventually, after many a man and demon have been killed, a powerful archdemon shows up to try and get the amulet for himself. He gets blown up, the rest of the demons are vanquished by gunfire and the sun, and the Eye of Satan is taken back to Hell. The sarge who brings it there then meets Satan...a demonic talking pug puppy. Needless to say, the rather exasperated guy uses the Eye to destroy Satan, and become the new ruler of Hell. He seems swell enough not to cause Armageddon, at least.

Powers/Abilities: Many demons have the ability to manipulate reality and craft weapons from nothing. Of course, most are immortal.

Weakness: Anything conventional for the majority of demons, though Satan can only be destroyed by the Eye of Satan. Confusing, huh?

Scariness Factor: 3-Bless the costume department for trying with this one. While some demons, particularly the archdemon, are appropriately horrifying to look at, most of them are cheap puppets and badly greenscreened folk dancing around the place occasionally murdering people. Even the archdemon has that weirdly nasally voice going against him. And as for Satan, well...he was intimidating as a giant eye at first, but then the reveal came and we burst out laughing.

Trivia: -Apparently, one or two actors bailed at the last minute, and had to be replaced with people working on the set at the moment.

-Satan's voice was actually done by a woman named Tish Knyrim. It was her only role, as of late.

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You have to be talented and a sadist to stitch those souls into the costume.

This mini-Tromasaurus isn't in for a good ride.

Just...hold your laughter and serve your dark master with treats!