Films: Ultraman-The Next (2004)

Alias: Udo Takafumi, Idorobia, Reputiria, Beruzebua (Beruzebua-Korene)

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to 50 meters and 120,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Like any long-lived franchise, it seemed at the time that the greatest superhero in all of Japan, the fabled Ultraman, was in need of a reboot. Let's ignore the fact that most Ultra-series are fairly self-contained, and allow Eiji Tsuburaya's creation to get a quasi-edgy makeover. Oh, and while we're at it, let's take one of his first ever foes, and make him a kaiju that somehow manages to be eviler than the likes of Destroyah and Irys.

History: Long ago, the Space Beasts were repelled by the legendary Ultraman Noa. But Noa didn't kill all of them. One Space Beast came to Earth in a blue orb, killing many and possessing hapless Udo Takafumi. The beast, known as the One, destroyed his humanity, and made him kill and absorb more lifeforms in the pursuit of power. But fear not, for Noa has also come to bond with a man, and become Ultraman the Next, which is just a little bit weaker. We might be in trouble.

Notable Kills: He evolves by absorbing animals. By the thousands.

Final Fate: Eventually, the One's continued evolution makes him a bonafide kaiju with gigantic wings, and for a while he seems to have the Next on the ropes. But through some soul-searching and help from the army, the Next finishes the fight by slicing the One's wings off and blasting him to oblivion with his Evol-Ray Storm beam. Now Earth has its own Ultraman.

Powers/Abilities: The One can possess people to do as he pleases, and evolves by absorbing whatever animal he attracts and/or eats. His Beruzeboa form gives him the ability to fire energy balls out of his mouth.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-The One is one of the most intimidating kaiju in the entire Ultra franchise, period. With every messed up evolution he gets bigger and uglier before looking like the closest thing to a legitimate kaiju fallen angel. Naturally, this thing had only this film as a major appearance, because who knows what he would do different if he came back?

Trivia: -The One is explicitly based on Bemular, the first Ultraman kaiju ever. To give you an idea, he was basically a Godzilla wannabe being pursued by the OG Ultraman before the latter bonded with a human.

-This film was meant to be the first in a trilogy of Ultraman films known as the "Ultra N Project", which was meant to introduce older audiences to the franchise. Alas, it fell through, and the sequels never came to be. Presumably, the next film would have involved a kaiju similar to Zetton.

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EA executives in a nutshell.

"WHY?! Why must we always be useless?!"

"I'm a Kaiju with a shotgun...no, wait, that song doesn't work."
Go home. Be a family man!

"We...live in a society."

Thank God the King of the Monsters didn't see this.
"Augh! Lens flare! I'm trying to fight a kaiju here!"

"Behold my terrible chin!"

The worst power-hug anybody can get.

Just like stardust...

Ready the noogie attack!

"I have...so many regrets right now."