Films: Wrong Turn (2003), Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007), Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009), Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011), Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012), Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Alias: The Hilikers (Three Fingers, Saw Tooth, One Eye, Ma and Pa, Old Man, Brother and Sister, Three Toes, Maynard)

Type: Natural...we think

Location: Forest/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Hillbillies are an unfortunate staple of slasher horror. It must be hard to trust folks who have spent their whole lives in isolation to the rest of the world. And in some cases, these people had every reason not to set foot near civilization. For our sake, really.

History: The Hilikers are named only after the woman who found them and took them to the asylum. That, or they're zombies. Or mutants of toxic waste. Or just some West Virginian incestuous hillbillies living in the open woods. Or some combination. Either way, they were terrifying folks with an exceptionally high tolerance to pain, each with their own madness and deformities. None of the other Hilikers were as tenacious as Three Fingers, a lunatic who ate some of his digits in a fit of auto-cannibalism. Together, they wait for unsuspecting visitors to their turf to eat and torture.

Notable Kills: They decapitate people in the worst ways, use barb wire to lacerate and mutilate, Three Fingers' traps keep slicing people in more than just two pieces, and at one point in the many continuities, Three Fingers' whole group disemboweled a person before his eyes as they made stew out of him. A sort of fondue, apparently.

Final Fate: All of the Hilikers are dead. Saw Tooth and One Eye perished in the first film, but it took two more to do in Three Fingers after the rest had been brutally killed. His ultimate demise came in the form of being tossed onto an exploding car. That said, he's hardly the only killer hillbilly around...

Powers/Abilities: All of the Hilikers have a high pain threshold, hence why they mutilated themselves so much. This makes them incredibly resilient. Three Fingers is also an excellent trap master, hinting at a deceptively high intellect.

Weakness: Heavy artillery. But most of the time, anything conventional will do.

Scariness Factor: 4-They have no qualms as to how painful nor elaborate your demise will be. They look like they stepped out of a septic tank. And above all, they're tricky to kill themselves. Three Fingers is obviously the worst of the lot, being near-invincible and a propagator of even more psychos.

Trivia: -Saw Tooth's demise was actually inspired by how his actor, Garry Robins, accidentally got set on fire during filming of the climax. It was kept in for authenticity, and he came out not too worse for wear.

-In the first film, Three Fingers was played by Julien Richings, who was best known for playing as Death in the hit show "Supernatural".

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In summary, get better at driving school.

Far from an ordinary hunting trip.

All that was left after...

"Get it while it's hot!"

This whole franchise should have been left to rot!

Because of course they made a prequel.

Sloth's not so humble start.

Still wouldn't be out of place in a college hazing.

So, keys CAN kill you!
Don't wear white! Blood messes it up so much!

The shadow of cannibal evil isn't just in the Wendigo.

Eating his hand? Takes a cannibal to beat one.

Can you just NOT?

Like a hunter's bullet suddenly hitting this guy in the skull.

How to lose a mansion rather easily.

Even back then, I can see him enjoying a shiv.

Sir, she's not a child. She can party if she wants...you don't care, do you?

"No more pointless movies! NO MORE!"
Just an optical illusion...until the ax comes down.

Add to the sign that it's best to turn back after the first massacre.

And it is written in barb wire.

Is this logic for killers or fairy tales?

Way to dash her hopes, you prats.

And the Darwin Award goes to...

Just when you thought to make a fanclub for them, they do this cruelty.
Just a taste of things to come...sorry for that.

Stick with regular gloves. You don't know where that skin's been!

Hawkeye...officially snapped.

I bet they consider all of this gristle.

I wouldn't be hoping for a second date after this.

What? I don't understand psycho.

"Well, it is high in fiber."