“Machines in deceptiveness”

Films: Transmorphers (2007), Transmorphers: Fall of Man (2009)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a small rat to that of small buildings.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: What? You really thought we were going to include Michael Bay's bloated franchise into here? Well, too bad. Or not. Because instead, you're getting the mockbuster. That's right. The mockbuster of one of the most reviled action franchises around (the Bayformers, not the entire Transformers franchise, respect to the rest of that).

History: In 2009, mankind attempted to make contact with a swarm of alien cubes floating through space away from a desolated world. Five years later, these cubes turned out to be the seeds of machine lifeforms bent on tearing planets apart. Sure enough, the robots enslaved humanity, blotted out the sun, and forced everyone underground while they dominated for three centuries. A few brave folks are resisting, but will it be enough?

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: It takes the efforts and sacrifice of a surprise android to take out all of the Transmorphers by overloading and destroying the tower that powers them. As the robots fall apart, the sun comes back after what felt like forever.

Powers/Abilities: Can assume the form of whatever machine they fancy, as well as do...something...to darken the skies for eternity.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, taking out their place of central command.

Scariness Factor: 3-The graphics make these robots look like something out of an old, bad PS2 game, so that's sort of a low point. Still, these bots were so thoroughly unstoppable and numerous for a time that they conquered the Earth. That is no easy task for movie aliens these days.

Trivia: -Apparently, this film wasn't meant to be a rip-off of "Transformers" to begin with. It was its own thing before The Asylum decided to bank on Bay's success.

-This film is what many consider to be a "Mockbuster", which is basically a film designed to have many similarities to a more successful film so that unsuspecting folks buy it instead of the other. In short, a quick buck is the only point of these movies. And no one does it like the Asylum.

Image Gallery

Generation 1 fans vs. Bayformer fans!

A robot game of playing with tanks goes horribly wrong.
In the dark of the night, the metallic morons will come.

"Puny humans. This movie is somehow better than the film it's ripping off!"
From wild geometry, they came!

"Can we have jackets now? It's cold out here!"

Cue "F the Police" playing.

Oh, look. Shockwave fans!

"Howdy, puny neighbor!"

Is that...is Wheelie out for revenge?!