“Ambush abyss”

Films: Sea Beast (2009)

Alias: None

Type: Unknown, possibly Natural

Location: Lake/Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Slightly larger than that of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Mermaids are the fishy dream of all young souls and sexually frustrated sailors. But mermen? Oftentimes the subject of things that H.P. Lovecraft would praise. But whether the creatures here are male or female doesn't matter. They just want to eat...now...

History: Somewhere in B.C. where the fresh water meets the saltwater, strange things have begun to happen. Ships are without their crew, people are disappearing near the docks, and no one can figure out why. But the answer is almost too much to bear. There are hideous fish-people, or Troglodytes as we will refer to them as, breeding in the water and coming to the surface to feed. And they are quite the persistent predators...

Notable Kills: We don't see what became of the harpooner in the cage, but like most other victims, he could only watch his own slow demise in front of the snarling visage of a Troglodyte...

Final Fate: After many Trog babies are killed in numerous ways, the main beast gets led into a trap involving gas leaks and an explosion. The ensuing blast destroys both it and all of its eggs.

Powers/Abilities: Troglodytes have the curious ability to cloak in order to avoid detection. They are also ridiculously agile, have long tongues for grappling and strangling, and can spit toxic saliva at their prey, causing near-instant paralysis.

Weakness: Anything conventional. Also, their cloaking doesn't render them totally invisible, as they still cast a shadow.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-For all the bad CGI that gives these ichty-folk life, the Troglodytes are one of the Maneater series' most efficient predators. They can stalk you without you even noticing, they have faces evocative of deep-sea fish, and if they spit on you, it's game over. The last thing you'll see are those needle-like fangs and those piercing, hollow-white eyes…

Trivia: -This film was aired in 2008, but it would not see a DVD release until 2009.

-There is actually a fishman cryptid in B.C. Namely, the Thetis Lake monster, which is described as looking almost exactly like the beast from "The Beach Girls and the Monster", or the Gillman. But like the former, it turned out to be a lie from some teenagers looking to get attention not long after a fishman movie aired on TV.

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But hey! It'll be the most that's ever happened there!

Bad puppy! BAD!

First blood to the weapon she's holding. Oi vey.
If you think this is a JAWS ripoff, well, the nuances are right there.

Daddy's first spawn!

Snake! You've been compromised!
When a Troglodyte and a Xenomorph meet...

The power of friendship extends to even the most savage of creatures!
It wasn't a shark, Ben...

"Greetings from Inssmouth!"