Films: Mammoth (2006)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient/Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Twice that of an African Elephant.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: It's bad enough when a prehistoric monster breaks out of the abyss of time and rampages. But it's ten times worse if it's a POSSESSED prehistoric monster. From there, as to what could go wrong, all bets are off!

History: Recently, the Natural History Museum of Blackwater, Louisiana has gotten ahold of a giant frozen wooly mammoth. But at the same time, a giant space craft has crashed to Earth. Out comes an ethereal alien that possesses the dead pachyderm's mind, causing it to break free from its icy confines and go on a killing spree. The alien seems to like nothing more than to murder and suck out lifeforce, ergo, it needs to be stopped.

Notable Kills: It sucks out people's lifeforce with its trunk. What drugs were they on when they came up with that?!

Final Fate: The mammoth is finally imprisoned again when it's frozen by a liquid nitrogen trap. After the beast is put back in the museum, a body that got frozen in the process is sent to the government. Whether the alien's presence is done is another question entirely.

Powers/Abilities: Aside from immortality, the possessed mammoth is able to suck out the lifeforce from people by usage of its trunk.

Weakness: None. You can only trap it, not kill it. Unless that bomb was going to work. We'll never know.

Scariness Factor: 3-In spite of the bad CGI we’ve come to expect from modern B-movies, this is one uniquely grotesque beast. Aside from being big enough to squash you without a second thought, who ever heard of a giant undead prehistoric elephant that can snort your soul up? And that's even if you don't get gored by those tusks.

Trivia: -The largest pachyderm, nay, the largest land mammal to ever exist was the Asian straight-tusked elephant, though it is only known by the fossils of its frankly gigantic head, thighs, and legs.

-Semi-intact frozen mammoths are no fiction. There have been many discoveries of these mammals preserved in a way that gives us a good idea of what they might have looked like. Though most of the time, it's their babies that come out like this.

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