“Don't rain on my guilt parade”

Films: It Waits (2005)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Cave/Forest

Height/Weight: Slightly larger than that of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: We've all done bad things in our lives. Some accidental, most totally avoidable. But the guilt from it all tends to last, and it isn't healthy either. Especially not if that guilt is a dinner bell for a voracious demon lurking in the shadows.

History: In the deep woods of the pacific northwest, there is a demon that was unwisely summoned from Hell by power-hungry shamans before being imprisoned in a cave. Keep in mind that it took five centuries to get it into said cave. But this monster will not rest in peace. It has been reawakened by both some idiotic students blowing the cave open and the guilt of a reclusive park ranger new to the place. Now out and about, the woman must put a stop to its rampage and confront her own inner demons.

Notable Kills: Impales someone on a pole, and drops a decapitated corpse onto another.

Final Fate: After being rammed into the cave by the woman's car, the beast is finally imprisoned again after she lights some dynamite to finish the job. At the same time, she has gotten over her personal tragedies.

Powers/Abilities: This demon is virtually indestructible, can sprout wings out of its back for greater maneuverability, and is drawn to negative emotions.

Weakness: Hates water.

Scariness Factor: 4-The flying shots are some very hokey CGI indeed, but the rest of this beast very much isn't. It's described as being almost playfully violent, and its impressive kill count shows. Not only that, but it is genuinely scary-looking, like an emancipated madman that just so happens to be of demonic origin.

Trivia: -This beast's name comes from its inspiration. Namely, the Wakinyan. These beings of Lakota folklore are actually quite benevolent, acting as defenders of the four cardinal directions. They are often described as looking like birds.

-Four different caves were utilized for this film, one of which being an abandoned copper mine. Thankfully, no actual demons inhabited any of them.

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It also wants the last Oreo. Hard to find in this forest.

Not your best date, eh?

Looking a bit green around the gills?
Did somebody let a gargoyle loose or something?