“D-War, B-Movie, A-Grade”

Films: D-War (2007)

Alias: The Imoogis (Buraki, the Celestial Dragon), the Atrox Army (Dawdlers, Bulco, Shaconne)

Type: Mystical

Location: Lake/Civilized Area/Cave/Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of horses to that of skyscrapers.

Affiliation: Good (Celestial Dragon), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Very rarely is Korean mythology touched upon when it comes to movies made for the western folk to see. So you can probably imagine that this one didn't do so well. Truth be told, the convoluted plot and the overreliance on action scenes might have had something to do with it, but who's complaining?

History: It is said that every so often, a girl is born with the power of the Yu Yi Joo, or the ability to turn Imoogi serpents into dragons. One Imoogi, Buraki, was rejected by the heavens for his malevolent nature. With vile ambition in his heart, Buraki formed the Atrox Army, comprised of corrupted humans and all manner of draconic creatures. His first raid was a failure, but flash-forward to the modern day, and he's back to finish what he started. While he pursues the current bearer of the Yu Yi Joo, his armies take on our own in Los Angeles. And believe us. They don't make armies like they used to.

Notable Kills: Buraki occupies his early time in the modern world by eating zoo elephants. Also, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: After the girl is captured, her companion uses a sacred medallion to destroy the entire Atrox army. Just before Buraki can finish the job himself, the good Imoogi shows up...and gets killed. Luckily, the girl uses the Yu Yi Joo to bring it back from the brink, and help it transform into the legendary Celestial Dragon! The fight from there is complete one-sided, with the dragon blasting a fire ball down Buraki's thoat, obliterating the warlord for good. Soon afterward, the Celestial Dragon and the girl's spirit ascend to the heavens...

Powers/Abilities: Buraki can summon storm clouds if need be, and the Dawdlers are all equipped with powerful cannons. The Celestial Dragon is invincible, and can shoot fire balls.

Weakness: Heavy artillery can bring the Atrox Army down rather effectively. Even Buraki is harmed by it. But for the Imoogis, only each other can kill them. There is also an ancient medallion that can wipe out the entire army.

Scariness Factor: 4-Buraki's evil knows no bounds, as does his cruelty. But if that cobra monster wasn't enough, his army is vast, durable, and can ransack a whole city with hardly any trouble. Then again, the other Imoogi is a genuine protector of humanity, and its true form as the Celestial Dragon inspires more awe than terror.

Trivia: -In Korean mythology, Imugi are often described as immature dragons in the form of giant serpents. In order for an Imugi to become a dragon, it must either live for more than a thousand years, or catch a Yeouiju, or a draconic spirit, that's fallen from Heaven.

-This was director Shim Hyung-rae's passion project. And rather fittingly, it is one of the most expensive Korean films ever made. Whether it was worth it or not is entirely up to you.

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