“No room in Hell”

Films: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Alias: Various

Type: Unknown, possibly Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: In 1978, the world bore witness to what happens when a motely crew gets trapped in a shopping mall with the undead coming in from all directions. Years later...it happens again, no strings attached.

History: It's not known where the outbreak of zombies came from. A virus? The supernatural? Not known. All that matters is that the entire world has fallen into chaos because of an outbreak that has already overtaken the entire U.S. Now, we see just how stressful this can be for a few survivors stuck in a shopping mall, as the undead tries to break out from outside...and within.

Notable Kills: Three words. ZOMBIE BIRTHING SCENE.

Final Fate: Those who manage to escape the outbreak manage to get onto a boat...but there are zombies everywhere waiting. The world belongs to them now.

Powers/Abilities: One bite can infect every aspect of the body, even unborn fetuses.

Weakness: Head-shots.

Scariness Factor: 5-It's the nightmare realized. Zombies from out of nowhere. All numbering in the millions. And they all want a piece of your flesh. Each more decayed than the last. And even the babies are at risk of becoming little ghouls. Indeed, the dead will walk the Earth...

Trivia: -Ironically, the original ending of this film was a lot more positive until the test screenings demanded otherwise. Similarly, the original film was a darker ending before that was revised.

-Original, the zombie birthing scene would have been more drawn out and graphic, but by that point, the line was already being crossed.

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Just Hell? What was wrong with Heaven again?

Just when you thought Girl Scouts weren't horrifying enough.
I guess the dead can feel rage.

She knows what those hands want...

Shrek 3 has nothing on this.
That's it! The devil's work, indeed!

"Well...at leaset, I still have my personality."
Kira Yoshikage's worst nightmare...

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This World Tour backfired horribly.