“Die, revive, overcome”

Films: Land of the Dead (2005)

Alias: Various, notably Big Daddy

Type: Unknown, possibly Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: George A. Romero is back in the driver's seat for the much-idolized "Living Dead" series of films. The last time we saw his work, the dead were starting to finally use their once-eroded brains. Years later, he makes good on this development...

History: After pretty much all of the U.S. is overrun with zombies, the last bastion for humanity is the city of Pittsburg, now called Fiddler's Green and currently ruled over by a corporate elite who live in relative pleasure while the lower class citizens live in squalor. The people are forced to go out into zombie-infested terrain to scavenge whatever they can. But unfortunately for everyone, the zombies have started to get smarter and smarter, to the point where they're figuring out how to use tools and problem solving. Soon, they're all ready to tear Fiddler's Green's defenses asunder, led by headstrong quick learner and former gas station attendant, Big Daddy.

Notable Kills: Seeing a zombie use a gun for the first time is on one hand a little awe-inspiring...but on the other, it's not such much when the bullets are going everywhere on your body.

Final Fate: Eventually, the zombies overcome their fear of water, and manage to storm Fiddler's Green. Both Big Daddy and a former disgraced friend of the place's horrible leader manage to take the greedy man out via mauling and propane tank. After all is said and done, the zombies let the survivors go to Canada, clearly satisfied with their new home (even if they got bombarded with missiles earlier).

Powers/Abilities: The zombies are quickly developing impressive bouts of intelligence, particularly with tools and even morality.

Weakness: Aim for the head.

Scariness Factor: 4-After "Day of the Dead" introduced intelligent zombies, one would not be faulted for expecting the rest to follow suite. Big Daddy in particular is a tough nut to crack, and like all the other times, seeing these decaying monsters (that near-headless priest...brrr...) rip people to shreds is never pleasant. That being said though, their intelligence does show signs of hope that they'll circle back to acting like regular people...

Trivia: -Big Daddy was played by Eugene Clark, who was also in the role of Mufasa for two years in the Ontario Broadway version of "The Lion King".

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The color that's required during movies like this.

It's like they've never seen a seagull before.
Who knew the undead could raise such a stink?

Moon of the Living Dead

Well, this zombie at least tried.

Hell is basically dark and glum and full of dead people. Intersting.

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