“Intiate Good Boy Protocol”

Films: A.X.L (2018)

Alias: Attack.eXplorations.Logistics

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average motorcycle.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: We remember from last decade a story about a dog that was also a cyborg and a force of evil as it tracked down a hapless fugitive all the way to the end. Well, now we have yet another tale about a cyber-mutt in a deserted area. But this time, we can actually play fetch with it and NOT worry about it tearing our friends to pieces.

History: Designed as a new advancement in military arsenal, AXL was a robotic dog that got itself in a tough fix after a mission gone wrong. Thankfully, he was found and repaired by a nice young motorcyclist, who managed to bond with the machine via a special device located in its head. As the two grow closer as a family, those who created AXL really want to get their hands on him again, forcing the robo-doggo to go on the run with his new friend.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After being chased by all manner of corrupt government officials and drones, AXL runs off to self-destruct, but not before uploading all of his memories and code to the internet. Many weeks later, the boy is given the remote by his apologetic father, and when he activates it, it surprisingly works. Perhaps AXL is not gone after all...

Powers/Abilities: AXL has superb strength, speed, and even a few built-in guns. He comes with a special remote to control him, but his own AI allows him to learn and hold onto memories he deems important to himself. Also, he has a self-destruct sequence, the ability to speak a bit, and can be repaired easily.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 2-AXL may be a bit of an intimidating robot when he’s angry at someone, but most of the time, he enjoys acting like a regular dog. That is, one that can outclass regular ones on virtually every level. A loyal companion and a surprisingly thorough learner, he's everything a dog lover/robot enthusiast could ask for.

Trivia: -Dogs are indeed a part of the military, usually for sniffing out bombs or attacking people when they least expect it. Frankly, it sounds like animal abuse, whether they're being used for military, or especially police work. While soldiers are said to like their dogs a lot, policemen are often quite abusive towards them. Either way, a dog shouldn't really be in a combat zone to begin with!

-This film was based off a Kickstarter-funded short film called "Miles" from 2015.

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And did NOT become homicidal like many before him.

Might need that for a little while longer.

Maybe his inventors shouldn't have given him human eyes to dissuade Disney feelings.

"I'm AXL and this is Jackass."
An Outcast and his...fellow outcast, really.