Films: The Dead (2010)

Alias: Various

Type: Unknown, possibly Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Africa is a continent full of great culture and people...and plenty of strife. From the rampant poverty to the constant civil wars to the occasional famine, that place really needs all the support it can get. It did NOT need a zombie plague at all.

History: The entirety of West Africa has been overtaken by a mysterious zombie plague that's turned most of the people into bloodthirsty ghouls. A guy from America crash-lands into this treacherous terrain, and finds that there is less and less space for the living. Can he and anyone else survive?

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After finding a safe spot to contact his mainland, the man realizes that the U.S. has been invaded by undead as well. By that point, the zombies break in. It's not the greatest outcome, to say the least.

Powers/Abilities: A bite will slowly turn somebody into a zombie.

Weakness: Headshots

Scariness Factor: 4-Oh sure, this is the slow variety of zombie, but we see just how drawn out the process of dying from a bite is. Well, several bites, but still. Either way, seeing these soulless blank-eyed beings come towards you in droves is not going to make for a pretty sight in the end.

Trivia: -A sequel, "The Dead 2: India", was released in 2013, and it showed how awful things were in the titular country with the rising zombie population. Not much changed, though family drama was in the mix.

-As if it were a testament to filming this on location, main actor Rob Freeman ended up contacting malaria.

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Even without the zombies, this image is no less true.

The day the vultures have their time.
For one thing, they don't need water.

This protective wall is filled with so many holes!

Infect the animals and we're ALL doomed.

Return of the ninja zombies?