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Films: Pacific Rim (2013)

Alias: Trespasser (Axehead), Knifehead, Mutavore, Onibaba, Otachi, Leatherback, Scunner, Raiju, Slattern

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Ocean/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from 109 meters and 3,475 metric tons to 182 meters and 6,750 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary:If there is one thing that can be agreed on, it's that kaiju are among the most awe-inspiring and terrifying of monsters for their looks and their destructive capacity. Now imagine if a whole race realized the potential of making so many of them, each worse than the last, and unleashing them upon our world. Now, you know exactly what was going through the heads of the aliens who came so close to destroying the world as we knew it with their own kaiju...

History: Somewhere far away across dimensions and galaxies, there is the Anteverse. Populating this strange world are the Precursors, an alien race that came to Earth millions of years ago, killing the dinosaurs in the process, but ultimately never took over due to the conditions not being right. But fast forward to 2013, and the planet has been polluted enough for the Precursors to unveil their secret weapon. Through a rift in space-time called the Breach, located off the coastline of China, they send out monstrous bioweapons called Kaiju to destroy everything and leave Earth ripe for the taking. As you might expect, humanity fought back, but even when we established the giant robot-making Jaeger program, we found ourselves on the losing end of an arms race where the Precursors started making more and more powerful Kaiju. But not everyone has completely lost faith in their big bots yet...

Notable Kills: Otachi crushes Crimson Typhon's head with her tail, while Leatherback crunches Cherno Alpha's pilots like peanuts under the water.

Final Fate: Even when on the wrong side of the war, the Jaegers as a whole have always come out on top, with the Kaiju dying one way or another (for instance, Striker Eureka blasting Mutavore to death without a scratch and Gypsy Danger slicing Otachi in half while above the clouds). In the final hour, the three Kaiju Slattern, Scunner, and Raiju were unable to stop Gypsy Danger from entering the Anteverse, and blowing the Precursors to kingdom come with her built-in nuclear reactor. The day was officially saved...and nothing happened afterward. The Precursors didn't possess anyone out of nowhere. They didn't have some stupid plan to blow up Mount Fuji, and there were no Kaiju/Jaeger hybrids (awesome as that sounds). Nope, that's precisely where it ended.

Powers/Abilities: All Kaiju have blood known as Kaiju Blue, which is incredibly toxic and even volatile. They can also stand heavy amounts of damage. Otachi is also the only Kaiju known to fly, and she can spit an acidic goo. Leatherback also comes with an EMP blaster on his back.

Weakness: HEAVY artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Even with the Jaegers out there fighting, the Kaiju are some of the worst that alien jackasses have to offer. Each and every design is uniquely hideous, powerful, and intimidating, with the particular stand-outs being the utterly grotesque Onibaba, Otachi and her myriad of powers (as well as her unexpected pregnancy), Raiju with his hidden true face (don't pause when it shows up), and the uber-strong Slattern. Once you hear those ominous horns in the soundtrack, we'd suggest you find cover...

Trivia: -According to director Guilermo del Toro, Slattern's scary entrance was based off the both Vermithrax's introduction in "Dragonslayer" and the rise of Chernabog from "Fantasia".

-Kaiju in this film's universe are put on a scale of power/danger called the Serizawa Scale, an obvious nod to the inventor of the Oxygen Destroyer from "Gojira".

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You're already humming the theme, are you?

As if he was able to get near a building to achieve this.

"I am the first of-oh, hey, what would happen if I snapped this in half?"

"Hey, Donald Trump! Take a goooood look at this wall!"

So much for that wall, guys. Just rub salt in the wound.

What you see before you is nothing but part of a collective hallucination.

"Not my fault you went for a seaside resort before we fell!"

"CRAP! We're late for the film! Why are we even here?!"

Try imagining cleaning ALL those damn things.

Awesome, but try not to slip.

Also, great with kids!

Slattern's victory, if only.

Jared Fogle in kaiju form.

"No, it's not LeatherHEAD. Stop doing that."

They should teach shots like this in film scho-No, I will not indulge in that meme.

Bojack Horseman, NO!

He just woke up to a nightmare of the film industry's making.

Characters that proceed unfortunate events.

A Cruel Angel's Thesis intensifies.

"Joke about my face ONE MORE TIME..."

Cue the big lug getting distracted by the new feeling of snow.

Mom of the year, if you forget she brought her developing child into a warzone.

This is coming out of their pay, isn't it?

It was in this brief moment for Knifehead to think about his life.


Cue the tears of kaiju fans everywhere.

Awesome Vs. Bland. Two sides of an awful film.

"General Kenobi..."

"What are we even doing with our lives?"
A sign of things to come.

Oh, yeah, there are other Jeagers.


Hubba hubba!

"Hey, I'm in this movie."

"I'm also in this movie."

Oh, hey, imperialists. How was Independence Day?

Say what you will, but this was long time coming.

Preperations for the world's biggest pool party.