“Random Chimp Event: The Trilogy”

Films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Alias: Various, notably Caesar, Maurice, Rocket, Koba, Buck, Luca, Blue Eyes, Cornelius, Cornelia, Ash, Bad Ape, Lake, Red, Winter, Percy, Bright Eyes

Type: Man-Made

Location: Jungle/Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: That of their average primate specie.

Affiliation: Good (most of them), Evil (Koba, Winter)

Summary: Remember that franchise about the intelligent primates that just wouldn't die? Did you ever stop and ask yourself how the whole "apes are the top beings around" thing got started without all the time-travel gobbledygook? Well, look no further. Presented to you is a trilogy in which the humans mean less and less with each film, and the true hero of the story is a lone ape, and the many who followed him to freedom.

History: In a bid to develop a cure for most mental disorders, the world's top scientists developed a means of boosting intelligence, and proceeded to test it solely on apes. And the results were nothing less than mind-blowing. One particular ape, Caesar, showed extraordinary intellectual growth as he grew up under the care of one of the scientists. But then, a string of unfortunate events led to a Caesar getting stuck in an abusive ape "sanctuary", him leading them into a short revolution against the humans who wronged them, and them eventually going into the woods to get away from humans as a sign of peace. All fine and dandy...until the vaccine we made turned out to be incredibly dangerous to humans, thus wiping out a major chunk of the world's population when it got loose. Not long after the "Simian Flu" did all of that, mankind and the newly formed society of intelligent apes find themselves at odds with each other. Caesar just wants peace, but there are those on both sides that would destroy his hopes for his kind's future...

Notable Kills: Koba pushing a downed helicopter over the edge of a bridge, then shooting people after acting like a silly ape. Also, apes with guns in general.

Final Fate: After constant battling between sides, the surviving humans slowly becoming mute, and a ton of in-fighting as well, the apes come out on top, if only because they are closer together and Caesar is capable of pulling away from vengeance for the fallen. However, as the rest of the apes finally reach paradise, Caesar dies there from his injuries via crossbow. At the very least, he dies with a smile knowing he saved the future of all ape-kind, even if their paradise looks awfully similar to a certain lake that an astronaut would come crashing into...

Powers/Abilities: As the apes grow, so too does their intelligence, with Caesar having the most out of them all. By the third film, he's speaking in complete sentences while most of the others use sign language.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-In all honesty, you should not be screwing with apes in the first place. Especially when they're almost as smart as people, and can launch all kinds of attack strategies. That's not to say that they are completely savage, though. Caesar is a caring and determined leader who chooses to see the best in most people. It's the insane ones like Koba you should keep an eye on. Misanthropes like him are as deadly as any terrorist, if not more so.

Trivia: -Many major characters are named after some aspect of the original series. Caesar and Cornelius are obvious, but Maurice is named after Dr. Zaius' actor Maurice Evans and Rocket is named after the original set designer Norman Rockett, to name a couple examples.

-Originally, Caesar was a much more evil character, and would only communicate in sign language. The original draft for the first film was a lot more horror-heavy, really. But alas, they probably figured that it was high time that live-action movies give more thought to non-human main characters.

Image Gallery

The face of conquest.

They galavanize so fast.

And one ape and our terror BLEW IT.

"Didn't we do this already?"

Doing whiteface the right way.

Hell goes ape!

"Maybe we should invent winter-wear soon."

Tranquility lasts for about as many minutes as the amount of his family members.

How are you not DEAD?! Was I the only one who thought that?

Rise of the Photoshop.

San Francisco just became cheap to live in, at least.

"We are going to beat you to death. There is no joke."


For the well-rewarded end.

In a few minutes, we'll be one albino gorilla less.

This is gonna be an album cover soon.
Did you just skip in line for evolution?

Apes stupid, Caesar. Just wait a little while...

Ice Cube's song is a hit even in Ape!

Who was the internet goer who made this for money?

This is cute, but why the hat?

In this world, you use whatever weapon you can get. Maybe a rubber chicken next time?

Final boss music in three...two...

There are some sights no man or ape should see.

Images that proceed legendary events.

"Take off for different films. You'll avoid the really ugly stuff to come."

"Ask yourself...do I feel monkey, punk?"

'Till all are ape.

Wait. Did she grow up to be the original Nova. Talk about rough!

"The Great Valle-no, wait. Wrong franchise."