“The Not-So Great Escape”

Films: 51 (2011)

Alias: Patient Zero, J-Rod, Lady Death, Little Devil

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from half that of an average human to twice as much.

Affiliation: Good (J-Rod), neutral (Lady Death, Little Devil), evil (Patient Zero)

Summary: Remember when a bunch of people proclaimed that they were going to raid Area 51 just to see what was inside? Remember how it was all in the end just one big joke. Well this time, a more realistic trip to that place begins. And as one might guess, havoc will ensue.

History: On a historic day, a few people have finally been allowed into the top-secret Area 51. But trouble is brewing. An intelligent shapeshifting alien named Patient Zero wishes to get revenge on mankind for them dissecting his peers when they were struck out of the sky, and has released two other aliens to tear the people apart. They are the diminutive Little Devil and the vicious juggernaut Lady Death. Soon, everyone there, including a more reasonable alien named J-Rod, must work together to stop this incursion.

Notable Kills: Lady Death stabs a soldier through the gut, and uses his spasming corpse to engage in some friendly fire.

Final Fate: After it's revealed what made Patient Zero do what he did, J-Rod briefly turns on his allies before helping them bring down the maddened alien. Patient Zero's rampage is brought to an end when he gets his brains blown out from behind. Before then, both Little Devil and Lady Death are blown up at different points in time. In fact, the whole facility goes up in flames in the end.

Powers/Abilities: Patient Zero can copy the form of anyone he sees, as well as their abilities. J-Rod can shapeshift too, but he mostly uses psychic powers. Lady Death has an impenetrable hide.

Weakness: Anything conventional for the most part, though electricity will cause Patient Zero's shapeshifting powers to go crazy. Loud noises also disrupt Lady Death, and explosives can kill her.

Scariness Factor: 4-All of the aliens here are pretty good at killing people, and have the looks for it. Patient Zero is the mastermind and looks like a flayed man with veins all over and NO FACE (symbolism?). J-rod's a nice guy with an odd voice, but don't piss him off. However, all pale in comparison to Lady Death, a towering mantis/gorilla/lizard horror that seems to take absolute GLEE in maiming everyone.

Trivia: -This film was directed by Jason Connery, son of the first James Bond himself.

-Lady Death was played by Ivan Djurovic, who actually has a history of playing as imposing hunched beasts, such as a couple monsters from "Lost Tapes" and even the gorilla in some Gorilla Glue commercials.

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It's not as bright as one would think.

We may need to evolve eyes on the back of our heads.

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The lost Pokemon that were scrapped?

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Just when the guys thought they'd be free of the tentacle frenzy in Japan.

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"It's eternity in there."