“My heart burns for you”

Films: He's a Dragon (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Mountains/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of an average elephant.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: You know what would make for a perfect romance story, hands down? A classical princess and dragon story, except the princess actually LIKES the dragon, maybe even loves him. Well rejoice! Because this is the exact film we've been waiting...wait a minute, he spends a lot of his screen-time as a human? MOTHERF#!CKER!

History: A small village in Europe has a rather unhappy princess named Miraslava. However, everything changes when a dragon pops out of nowhere and takes her away to his island, the bony remains of an enormous old dragon. Then Mira meets a handsome young man with no memory there, and after calling him Arman, she realizes that he and the dragon are one and the same, the human guise a means for Arman to control his true form out of fear of what he might do otherwise. For long ago, the island he lives on used to have way more dragons, and he came close to choosing to be completely human before an idiot killed his father, causing him to lash out in rage and stay as a beast. While he feels he cannot trust himself, Mira slowly comes to love him for his sincerity, though this obviously provides no shortage of angst due to the star-crossed nature of this budding romance and Mira's fear of dragons.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: Mira's fears force Arman to admit that his conception was the result of many brides being brought to the island and burned by the dragons. However, Mira still pines for Arman, and calls him during her wedding. This time, Mira tames him as a dragon, and they live the rest of their days on the island, even having a daughter. A truly happy ending for all.

Powers/Abilities: Arman can change from dragon to human, though he often loses control of which form he wants. He can also breathe fire, and he inherits all the memories of previous dragons.

Weakness: Unknown, possibly conventional means. Also, Arman has very little control over himself as a dragon, at least until the end.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Arman the human is just some everyday hunk who was no doubt chosen to be in the film because there was the vestiges of the "Twilight" craze still remaining that year. Arman the dragon is a different beast entirely (ha!). He looks almost exactly like Drogon from "Game of Thrones", and is one intimidating reptile because of it. That said, he's a good guy at heart (he's even got a weird aye-aye thing as a pet), and we're eternally happy for him now that he's no longer alone.

Trivia: -This wouldn't be the first time Russia dabbled in "beast and beauty" tales. A particularly interesting one involved a three-headed serpent, possibly another interpretation of Zmei Gorynich, eloping with a princess. It is their version of the OG "Beauty and the Beast" story.

-How dedicated were the filmmakers here? They had Simon Beck, an incredibly famous snow artist, come to Russia for the first time and make a massive dragon in the snow for just the opening scene!

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Who needs human forms anyway?!

Just look at that handsome rogue before he becomes ugly.

Another fire entirely also burns...

This is why Arman should have invested in guardrails.

The dragon could become human, for instance!

He was born around the creation of the 'stray LEGO brick'.

How it all should have ended, RUSSIA.

"Have you been shopping at BadDragon again?"

Still a more light-hearted viking funeral than most.

So, it's that kind of pet-play they're going for.
A beautiful love...marred by this sorta-hunk.

"Who commanded her to be burned at the stake?!"

He briefly took over Wile.E.Coyote's place, it seems.

The perfect wedding crasher.