“The Day the Laughter Died”

Films: All Hallows Eve (2013), Terrifier (2017)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: This is truly the decade of some of the most monstrous evil clowns ever put to cinema. But one stands above them all. Only Pennywise could hope to eclipse the sheer mind-breaking brutality of this awful joker. The terror of Art the clown.

History: No one really knows where Art came from. Some say he was a man who made a deal with Satan to live forever, others that he's just a man who has good luck in avoiding death. But either way, he's bad news. There's nothing Art loves more than stalking either women or children, and then torturing them before either leaving them for dead or killing them horribly. And no matter what you do, Art cannot be stopped. He sees you, you're dead.

Notable Kills: There is NO way that one girl lived after having her limbs/breasts cut of and getting horrible slurs scarred onto her body. Also, the death of those kids, a girl getting sawed in half vertically (followed by a selfie in retaliation for the one she did with him), and just plain using a gun at one point.

Final Fate: No matter how much damage Art takes, he always bounces back to cause further pain and suffering. Even after shooting himself in the head to avoid the authorities, he comes back from the dead, though he probably didn't expect that. And at least one story implied that he would enter the real world too...

Powers/Abilities: Art cannot die. He just can't.

Weakness: Conventional means can hurt him, or at the very least subdue him for a long time.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Art utters nary a peep. He doesn't have to. All he needs is the horrible screaming and agony of his victims. In case the above didn't clue you in, Art is a true monster clown. He dabbles in Satanism, he's durable as all Hell, and if he gets you, you'll be lucky if he kills you first.

Trivia: -The first film received a straight sequel in 2015, but it had nothing to do with the original, and Art was nowhere to be seen.

-Art was played by Mike Giannelli in the first film, and David Howard Thornton in the next. It should be noted that Thornton was also the Joker in the webseries "Nightwing: Escalation".

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The face of insanity, but enough sanity to find resentment in this selfie culture.
An unsmiling clown is a clear sign of terror.

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