“Stomping and grounding”

Films: Stomping Ground (2014)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: What the Hell happened to our collective fascination with the supernatural/cryptozoological? It seemed that it would never end for a while before sputtering out and becoming the object of ridicule. But there are some who still hold a light for such things. Let's hope they live to see their efforts pay off.

History: Somewhere in the forests of North Carolina, the fabled bigfoot still lives. It's not too far from the areas where humans gather, so a bunch of college friends decide to rekindle their relationships by searching for it. Big mistake. The bigfoot is a supreme predator, and he is not keen on letting some folks enter his turf uninvited.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After killing just about everyone, the remaining couple manage to drive it off with one shotgun blast. It's unclear if it survived, but judging by the lack of blood, it'll pull itself together.

Powers/Abilities: A very durable hide.

Weakness: Wounding it enough can send it cowering away.

Scariness Factor: 4-Despite being stuck in a rather low-budget film, this bigfoot is an impressive specimen. It's got this bizarre slimy texture to it, its fur is more akin to dark lichen, and it's got some impressive chompers. That said, an unimpressive roar sort of brings the whole thing down a little.

Trivia: -In North Carolina, a particularly putrid swamp in the Appalachian Mountains was saved from destruction due to it being the epicenter of several bigfoot sightings.

-This film was done by Irrational Films. It is their only feature-length film as of now.

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So peaceful, until...
And it's NOT hospitable.