“A Thirst for carnage”

Films: Thirst (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Desert/Cave

Height/Weight: That of a tank.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: All sorts of weird things come from meteors in movies. Giant sentient blobs, space probes, and really any alien junk that no one wants. But whomever sent this THING our way must have had a very good reason to do so. Who would want such a voracious being on their planet, anyway?

History: It came to Earth in a steel meteor, slowly incubating before landing in a rock quarry in Utah. What it really is, we don't know, but what we do know is that it was an instant threat to all that came across it. This odd cyborg alien seeks to suck the fluids from whatever and whomever it finds, and asexually reproduce. So really, basic survival instinct. But it's clear for a group of boot camp youngsters that survival is not in great supply whenever this alien is around.

Notable Kills: Unlike many of the other people it killed, this beast doesn't suck the fluids from the jerk of the bunch. Instead, it rams its sucker right through his torso.

Final Fate: The predator is put through absolute Hell before its demise. It survives a helicopter crash, gets electrocuted by a failed trap, is caught in an explosion after getting rammed by a bulldozer, and is finally blown up when our lead sticks a lit stick of dynamite into where its second mouth is.

Powers/Abilities: This beast is incredibly resilient, able to tank all sorts of damage. Its main draw is a secondary lamprey-like mouth that can reach out from its torso and suck out all its target's fluids for food. The more it feasts on, the larger and stronger it becomes. It is also a walking tech bane, its mere presence causing electronics to glitch.

Weakness: Its second mouth is its weak spot. Also, people can see it coming once their electronics start acting wonky.

Scariness Factor: 4-Yes, the CGI is once again a bit subpar, but it's actually leagues above most films with similar budgets. And to top it off, this might be one of the most terrifyingly bizarre aliens to come out of low-budget territory. Looking like some kind of robot/lizard/centaur hybrid with rows upon rows of sharp teeth, this monster is already bad enough. But then you factor in it being a cybernetic vampire with a tendril-mouth on its belly, and you basically have an absolute abomination. The fact that there were any survivors after this thing attacked will always perplex us.

Trivia: -This film was directed by Greg Kiefer, who has spent more of his career directing TV episodes for some truly obscure stuff. Among those things is a prank show.

-If you can believe it, the monster also happens to have a bit in common with starfish. We say this in earnest because they both like to feed by unleashing their stomachs on the outside. And yet, the starfish's method is slightly more disturbing, as the prey's soft bits are digested even before it enters the starfish's mouth.

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When you weigh that much...

Big things come in small packages.

"I need to reconsider how I handle air-travel stress."

Baby's first captive meal!

Girls, don't you just hate it when somebody considers your arm THAT useless?
As all savage aliens seem to do.

"Can't a girl have some privacy?"

The last thing these residents saw before the image got a LOT bigger.


Now...it's killing time.

How Golden Corral is officially selling their food.
How else does she keep those mechanical gains?

"What's behind...Door #1?"

"Look what I caught. A walking talking superiority complex!"

The sport they're afraid of airing!

Scrap collectors all over the world suddenly turn their heads.
They're not here for Earth. They're here for HER.

"Wait! I forgot my keys in here!"

"Gimme a sec to feed. Might need some skin cream afterwards for yourself."

Some earthlings just taste like yesterday's leftovers.

Ever heard of a bullfight boss?