“Who's got his goat?”

Films: The Witch (2015)

Alias: Satan

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average goat (usually).

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Back in the Dark Ages, when religion decided whether you lived or died, when anything that was seen as outside the norm was either ostracized or killed, when men used the faith of God to manipulate their fellow man, life kind of stunk. Granted, this was before just about every modern convenience took off, but still, if there was ever a time for Old Scratch himself to strike deals with the paranoid masses, this was the one.

History: Somewhere in 17th century New England, a family has been banned by their colony for being too prideful of their devotion to puritanism. Or really, it was the father's fault. Now, his whole family, especially poor young lady Thomasin, has to toil in poverty. One of their few neighbors is a mysterious black goat named Black Phillip, who always seems to be there when things are starting to get bad. And they get bad a lot. There's a witch lurking in the woods, picking off the family one by one, and Thomasin's constantly being blamed for it. But there is more to Black Philip than meets the eye...

Notable Kills: Gores the idiot who started this whole mess with his horns.

Final Fate: After just about every one of Thomasin's family is dead, she confronts Black Phillip, who reveals himself to be none other than Satan himself. He offers her a chance to live free from judgement and prejudice, and she accepts. The last we saw of her, she had joined a witch's cult.

Powers/Abilities: Omnipotence, shapeshifting.

Weakness: Holy objects, possibly.

Scariness Factor: 3-The witch in this film takes a more violent and dangerous role, but Black Phillip is the one behind it all. Goats aren't really all that scary, but ones that turn into unseen shadowy figures with bizarre accents and undoubtful affiliations with pure evil do. Granted, Thomasin was more or less saved from her awful life, but do we really need more evil witches in the world?

Trivia: -Black goats are often seen as symbols of the Devil in Basque mythology.

-Black Phillip's actor, a goat named Charlie, was notoriously hard to direct. In fact, the scuffle between him and the father near the end was completely accidental, and they simply threw it in.

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Thank goodness the Blair Witch didn't stop on by.

Tradition becomes tyranny.
Does this mean the goat from Dr. Suess is even worse?

Eyes of a witch.

"Get down and dance!"
That's it. Shoot them. Shoot every creature if we have to.