“A Bestiary of Terror”

Films: Book of Monsters (2018)

Alias: The Shapeshifter, the Grota, the plague doctor, demon worms, the Jinn, the Abomination

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average rats to that of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Imagine for a moment you got your hands on a special tome. There are warnings everywhere, but you cant' help but scroll through it. It's fine, really. Just be sure you don't actually ever read anything out loud. Such an occult book can only bring sorrow.

History: The Book of Monsters is a collection of illustrations and studies regarding some of the most despicable creatures of the supernatural world. It has been locked away in a house for some time due to it summoning a Shapeshifter that killed its owner. Years later, the Shapeshifter is still at large, and as the owner's daughter parties with her friends, the evil being reads aloud a summoning spell that brings forth many of the awful creatures within. Her goal is to kill the daughter, and use her blood to summon all the monsters and dominate the world.

Notable Kills: The Abomination's very conception. Also, the plague doctor blowing up a police car.

Final Fate: The monsters are all killed one by one via mostly conventional means, and a good depth of knowledge from the book. The daughter, with some encouragement from the spirit of her mother, kills the Shapeshifter once and for all with a brutal decapitation via chainsaw. The evils of the book have been quelled.

Powers/Abilities: The Shapeshifter can turn into any form she pleases, though her true form is a floral beast. The Grota is unstoppable in all but one spot, and the plague doctor, aside from his sickles, has demon worm spawn that can infect any object and turn them into killers. The Jinn can possess people.

Weakness: The Grota has a puss-filled weak spot on its back. One stab is all it takes there. The Jinn can be forced out of the body by shoving the painting it came from into the host, and then breaking the painting for good measure. The rest can be taken out via conventional means.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-A lot of the monsters do look a bit on the cheap side of things. The Grota in particular looks like a bunch of Halloween decorations rolled into one. But for the most part, all creatures are real and violent as all Hell. The worms and the plague doctor stand out for what they do (even if the former possess garden gnomes). The Shapeshifter is scary for more psychological reasons, though her true form is also quite unsettling.

Trivia: -This film was funded on Kickstarter, and it even had polls that allowed backers to decide on what the monsters would look like. Can't say they didn't care a little about what they made.

-Each of the monsters was inspired by more famous movies. For example, the Grota took cues from "An American Werewolf in London", and the Shapeshifter from the Xenomorphs.

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