“Beware the Superman”

Films: Brightburn (2019)

Alias: Brandon Breyer

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human child.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: What of the last son of Krypton turned out to be the greatest threat to mankind? What if the being gifted with extraordinary powers decided to use them to destroy the lives of hundreds? What if someone looked at 2013's "Man of Steel", and said to themselves "I can make that even bleaker than before"? You get this little brat of a super boy.

History: Hailing from an unknown world, little Brandon was adopted by the Breyer family when his ship crashed near their farm. While they attempted to raise him as a good child, something was off about the boy. For Brandon had special powers, and a truly awful inability to take criticism. But it wasn't exactly his fault. His ship has pre-programmed him to destroy anything he deems a threat to his ego or himself, and soon, the whole town of Brightburn becomes ground zero for a little superpowered kid's murder spree.

Notable Kills: ALL OF THEM. To give you an idea, one involves eye-beaming his father's head at point-blank range.

Final Fate: After destroying the one thing that could harm him, that being his own ship's tech, Brandon drops his mother from the sky to her demise before wrecking a plane full of people. Soon, he grows up to spread havoc and destruction across the world, with people starting to call him Brightburn after the town he started at. Even worse, other evil superheroes based off the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman are popping up in his wake. The only glimmers of hope we can find are a rich conspiracy vlogger, a somewhat insane vigilante known as the Crimson Bolt, and a grown-up girl who's retrofitting her broken arm and ready to get revenge on the boy who murdered her mom and gave her those injuries...

Powers/Abilities: Brandon can fly, use super strength, fire eye-beams, and short out any piece of electrical technology around him. He is also virtually indestructible.

Weakness: His own ship's technology.

Scariness Factor: 5-We can't tell what's worse. The fact that there's an undefeatable sociopathic superpowered killer flying all over the place destroying everything, or that he didn't ask for any of the bloodlust. Honestly, the moment you see this guy in his makeshift scarecrow-like costume, you're as good as dead. Never stop being thankful that the actual Kal-El isn't anything like this pre-teen of doom.

Trivia: -The concept of "Superman but evil" is nothing new. Characters such as the petulant Superboy Prime and the downright tragic Plutonian from "Irredeemable" have been doing it for a long time. Plot-wise, Brandon's world brings to mind Ultraman (not that one), leader of the Injustice League, who are obviously evil counterparts of the Justice League.

-The Crimson Bolt mentioned in this film is actually a main character in "Super", which was also directed by this film's producer, James Gunn. Also, the vlogger meant to be the Lex Luthor stand-in was played by Michael Rooker, who was a henchman in that film.

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A mark to be feared for all time.

Should have chucked it into the trash. NEVER THOUGHT I'D SAY THAT.

Preteen agnst gone horribly wrong.
With all that blood, that might as well be his first victim.

Remember. This is the kid that will end the world.
At least he nailed the mask/cape design.

Hey, guys! Fun fact! Eye beams are rather horrifying as a power!
It came from Nega-Krypton. It turned our world into Apokalypse.

You could always fly to California. Much saner there!