“Don't circulate the tapes”

Films: Sinister (2012), Sinister 2 (2015)

Alias: Eater of Children, Mr. Boogie

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Home movies, and really any old footage in general, often invoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia at a bygone age. But in this case, you don't want that footage. Because first of all, said footage is incredibly screwed up, and would make for the most twisted and elaborate snuff film compilation ever known to mankind. Also, they happen to be part of the workings of a literal spirit of corruption.

History: Did you know that the dark God Moloch had a brother? Well, he did, and his name was Bughuul. Naturally, they didn't have the best relationship, with Moloch sealing his little brother's mouth shut with ash out of frustration when the guy couldn't stop kidnapping the child sacrifices for himself. Millenia later, and it is ironically Bughuul that persists to this day. His new strategy is simple. Kidnap a bunch of children, slowly eat away at their souls while making them do murderous things, videotape said murderous things, and use said tapes to keep his memory alive as he corrupts more and more to further his atrocities.

Notable Kills: Provided he played some part in them, the video tapes. ALL OF THEM.

Final Fate: Bughuul cannot seem to lose. Every time there's even some slight opposition, he comes back, or one of his soul-drained children does the dirty work. Either way, there is little sign of the cycle of violence and torture being broken in this guy's presence. Just stay away from haunted houses, people.

Powers/Abilities: Soul-draining, possession, shifting between dimensions, a touch of instant death.

Weakness: None, though he's oddly merciful with pets.

Scariness Factor: 5-Bughuul may look a bit like a death-metal mascot, but he's definitely one of the scarier spirits out there. Aside from his unsettling appearance, he is virtually unstoppable, has an army of creepy children at his beck and call that he is constantly decaying by eating their souls, and provides the world with some exceptionally screwed-up tapes of murder and bloodshed, even if a few are a little cheesy. If you get his attention, you are certifiably screwed.

Trivia: -Due to the rather harsh reception to the sequel, Blumhouse has declined the possibility of a third and final film.

-Leader actor Ethan Hawke's reactions to the tapes are real, as he did not see them beforehand. Also, one of them was based on one of the writer's nightmares from seeing Gore Verbinski's cut of "The Ring".

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The worst kind of grafitti.

A glipse at what WILL be.

Oh, my God! What's wrong wtih your face, kid?!

Some film reels deserve to burn.

"So much for that tomato sauce blender."

An emo alien's crop circle?
If you have, we have some bad news.

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"Your browser history. It's scarier than even me."

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Not much. Watch until the end.

Say Cheese and Die...by meeting HIM.

"You are all MY children now."

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