“Playtime is over...again”

Films: Chucky (2019)

Alias: Buddi

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human baby.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: In the 80s, we were exposed to quite possibly THE quintessential killer doll. A foul-mouthed, violent voodoo creation that put Brad Dourif on the map. But this is not the Chucky you remember. Instead of magic and serial killers, we have something a bit more mundane, and somehow a bit sadder.

History: Chucky was in fact just another Buddi Doll off the assembly line in a Vietnamese factory for the Kaslan Megacorp. Alas, a disgruntled employee removed his safety protocols as a final insult before committing suicide, with no one the wiser. Chucky was later bought for social pariah Andy, and the two instantly became the best of friends. Unfortunately, Chucky began to develop a very misguided idea of protecting his human friend. And once he started killing people Andy didn't like, the boy and his friends realized that they needed to stop him and fast.

Notable Kills: Tears a man's face apart with a rototiller before putting it on a watermelon, has a guy fall crotch-first onto a rotary saw blade, and instigates a Kaslan toy massacre at a mall.

Final Fate: After Chucky possesses most of Kaslan's products to go on a rampage, Andy and friends finally bring him down by stabbing him, shooting him, ripping his head off, and smashing the pieces. The Buddi dolls are all given a massive factory recall, though one in storage starts to malfunction a bit...

Powers/Abilities: His programming can hop from one Kaslan product to another, sometimes all at once.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Even before going berserk, this Chucky's looks dive deep into the uncanny valley to the point where we have to wonder what the suits were thinking when they designed him. Also, instead of Dourif's audaciously hammy performance, we get the eternally creepy voicework of Mark Hamill for a being that can basically turn a whole toy store into a warzone. That said, all he ever wanted to be was Andy's friend. He just took it way too far.

Trivia: -In truth, this version of Chucky shares a lot in common with the first premise of the original film. In that, the title was "Bloody Buddy", and Chucky was just a doll that had synthetic blood mixed with Andy's. It was somehow just as crazy as the actual premise.

-Hamill had actually done work as Chucky before, in some sketches on "Robot Chicken".

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This time, he means it. Doesn't make it any better...


Andy was in trouble if he let HER live.

Before it all went to Hell...

"That's not funny...that's not..."
Friendship ends at some point. Why not speed it up?

Shattered pork.

Insert head-spin right here.
Woody went stiffer than before.

Maybe his wife will join him?

"You're not my friend anymore...aw, what the heck? I'll laugh anyway."

Extinction happened for the real thing. TOY ACCURACY!

The delicacy among Sid's toys.