“They're not contained anymore.”

Films: Growth (2010)

Alias: None

Type: Man-made

Location: Civilized Area/Lake/Forest

Height/Weight: Up to that of rabbits.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Of all the parasites out there, none seem to get under our skin (ha!) like worms can. They can wreck your blood, your eating habits, your heart, and as of now, your mind.

History: In the late eighties, a small lab located in Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts went under after the development of a new species of worm capable of turning people into stronger versions of themselves. As it turned out, these worms sought not to empower mankind, but to feed off of it. The worm population stayed there, but it wouldn't be long before some youth came to unwittingly become hosts to these vile creatures...

Notable Kills: One infected is forced into biting out a chunk of his friend's neck.

Final Fate: Most of the infected are killed either by each other or due to the host coming into contact with saltwater. However, it is later shown that the parasites have somehow spread away from the island.

Powers/Abilities: Can control human hosts as well as breed in them, possibly through self-fertilization.

Weakness: Salt.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-When your rapidly-breeding giant worm parasites are about as durable as slugs, something's gone wrong. Also, crap CGI is at fault here. That doesn't change the fact that the infected are reduced to mere puppets for these violent beasts.

Trivia: -This film was shot entirely in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. This island is known for many reasons, chief among them being the fact that it housed the oldest community of deaf people.

-One of the worst parasitic worms is the genus of flatworms often referred to as Blood Flukes. They are the most common in poor countries outside of North America, and can cause major health issues once they forcibly enter the body, usually through exposed skin.

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The deadliest yoga pose.

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One that wasn't even natural!
This film is really getting under my skin.