“Pedal to the metal”

Films: Monster Trucks (2016)

Alias: Creech

Type: Ancient

Location: Lake/Civilized Area/Mountains

Height/Weight: Up to that of average giant squids.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: In case you've gotten tired of those "a boy and his x" films, might we ask you as to WHY you would say something like that?! The possibilities are still boundless, and if it means we can see more monster movies like this one, we'd say that it was time well spent. Besides, how could you say no to a good boy named Creech?

History: Somewhere in North Dakota, a fracking operation has resulted in three tentacled creatures being released into the wild. The parents are captured but the child escapes into a junkyard. The only person there, a youth named Tripp, warms up to the humble beast rather quickly upon seeing how it likes to inhabit trucks for the sake of feeding on oil. The monster, named Creech, turns out to be just what Tripp needed in life, as he is able to commandeer even the most broken-down trucks and use them to travel on land. But as Tripp and Creech strengthen their bond with road hog hijinks, the scientists who captured the previous two are hot on their trail...

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After finding Creech's parents, Trip and company give them trucks of their own, and soon, it's a big road chase from the corrupt men that tried to experiment on the monsters. Once the bad guys are disposed of, Creech and his family retreat back to the lake where many others await them, parting on good terms with the humans who saved them.

Powers/Abilities: The creatures share a hive mind, and they use it to build on their already impressive intellect. They're so smart, they can operate locomotives with their tentacles from within, like living engines.

Weakness: If not provided enough water or oil, they become sluggish and frail. Conventional means also work against them.

Scariness Factor: 2-Admittingly, seeing a tentacled monster with rows upon rows of sharp teeth cannot be a pleasant experience. Or at least it would be unpleasant if it were anything other than these beasts. Creech in particular is pretty much a harmless child at heart, and absolutely adores any and all good company he has. His parents are similar, and overall, the whole species is rather adorable in weird way. Also, they make for some very impressive drivers.

Trivia: -Originally, the monsters had MUCH more hideous and threatening designs, at least one looking like the bastard spawn of Orga and a Rancor, or as it was described "a cross between Judge Doom, a mentally-handicapped E.T., and a squid". Predictably, the kids that this film was targeted to quite literally proceeded to run and scream from the test footage the moment that awful thing appeared. It was described by at least one person as the worst reaction to a test screening ever. This resulted in the film going over-budget having to redo all the creature scenes, though the end result wasn't all that bad.

-This whole film was inspired by the young son of then-Paramount president Adam Goodman.

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RIGHT after his redesign! Take our word for it.

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A road trip with a smile.

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