“You've never had an enemy like him”

Films: Aladdin and the Death Lamp (2012)

Alias: The Jinn

Type: Mystical

Location: Desert/Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Genies, as all horror films have shown, are massive pricks. If they're not twisting the wishes their clients ask for, they're using their magic to destroy lives personally. This particular genie was involved with one of the most famous discoverers of its kind ever. But it's not here to sing songs or do comedy. Far from it, in fact.

History: Long ago, a group of brave warriors fought back against an evil Jinn that threatened to unleash the rest of his kind on the world via portal. It was trapped in a lamp that was thrown to where it could not be found. But alas, a guy in serious debt named Aladdin and his brother in arms accidentally released the Jinn from its prison, and it wasted no time ripping people apart and taking their souls. Now, Aladdin and pals must trek to find a way to defeat the Jinn before it kills them.

Notable Kills: Crushes a guy with strangling vines.

Final Fate: After a long journey where many die, the Jinn is finally put back into its lamp. And even better, said lamp is tossed into the portal it tried so desperately to open.

Powers/Abilities: Unlimited arcane ability, including shapeshifting and wish-granting. It is also immortal, and can suck out souls.

Weakness: With the lamp and a special magic ring, the Jinn can be controlled and even imprisoned.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Another killer genie is almost always a horror beyond horrors. But this one is a cut below the rest. Not for a bad design or lame powers, though. He's got the opposite of those. But he is mired by awful CGI that renders most of his kills unimpressive.

Trivia: -The original Aladdin from the Arabian tales of old was a bit less of a hero, if only he had no real reason for being the chosen one. Also, there was no Jafar. The advisor character was a morally decent guy, and the villain was a magician from North Africa.

-Out of all the tale from the historically important Arabian text "One Thousand and One Nights", Aladdin's story is regarded as the most well-known, even before Disney did anything.

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"Rapid-fire, fools!"
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